4 thoughts on “Blogging University 2016 class 101

  1. Me too:) I a not really new to technology but l don’t think it likes me very much. I spent several hour with widget and the BU badge, l know crazy. But I did eventually get there not sure how:) sometime that’s how it goes with me sorry. I wish you luck with it. Love your blog. Learnt what a troll was from your article thanks heaps. Looking forward to learning along the way with you and all our fellow course bloggers. Good Luck

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    1. Thanks for responding. I guess were challenged technically. LOL…I can’t take credit for The Troll article. It actually came from Blogging 101 reading materials. I thought it was interesting. I suppose I’ve been fortunate and haven’t run into too many of them… TG…

      Good Luck to you as well…



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