Hi Marge, I Have Bourbon

The About Me Page. Make it Irresistible Darling

Blogging University 101 Day 6

“Stop! Faeries or fairies, for kids only. The serious banker need not enter. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.” BJ

These are somethings that I’ve learned about writing from a WordPress blogging 101 class.

This is beneficial when writing poetry, as well, and if you want to try it, then here it is. This is how it goes (shortened version).

There is a task to be completed in 90 seconds and that is write down 1-3 things you want your audience to feel, think, and do, when they read your blog, story or poetry.

Task 1: My examples, if anyone wants to read and try this exercise.
1) To feel warmth
2) To think deeply
3) To do; laugh, cry and feel

If anyone wants to find out something about yourself and what you’re wanting to say, this will help you to know yourself as a writer. Some of write and really don’t know why. I’m in that category, too.

I hope you will also enjoy this exercise. heart emoticon

Next (step 2) is action. Taking action about self

Who are we? And, what will attract others? Why should they read your blog? What makes me enjoyable or worthy to be read?

Not sure… Thinking… It’s all about Moi

1) Animal Magnent

2) Golightly Poetess of Deep Water

3) Daughter of Jim

4) Anxiety Bride

That’s about as good as it gets right now….

Third action: Bring them inside. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Start at sentence 1, then 2, then 3 etc…less than 2 minutes… Bang the starting gun fires…. And I’m off ~

My example is this:

Stop! Faeries or fairies, for kids only. The serious banker need not enter. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.

4th Action: The really, really, really tough part; Narrowing down me to a short version. One sentence preferred. The hook. The worm. The warm beverage that brings in the reader on a cold wintery night into my tavern (experience).

I always loved the movie Arsenic and Old Lace, Harvey and Peggy Sue Got Married. What do those 3 movies have in common?

How the writers turned poisoning men with arsenic into humor and we accepted it as silly and fun, and another about psychosis made into a film that makes one gut laugh at alcoholism and an invisible rabbit. And the last one about time traveling. For just one magical moment, the  viewer thinks it is possible to visit a deceased loved one.  It is an amber moment back in time when life appeared good and simple. Isn’t is astonishing and  it all so magical that just a story could touch someone so profoundly.

Now, to narrow down my own 4th action.

You are welcome inside the story. Please, sit down and become cozy ~

5th Action: Tell, you, my audience about my ABOUT PAGE, as if, we are sitting together having coffee. Say or write it, as if, this was a conversation and not a story…


Hello Marge, would you like to have bourbon today? I want to run my thoughts by you. You’re busy? Oh, I see. I tell you what, I’ll shorten the me stuff. How about that? We’ll just have a shot or two, okay? You know, I’m discovering that life is way too short. I just arrived 63 years ago. What is your latest discovery?

Oh, I need to shorten this…. One short bait.

Hi Marge. I have Bourbon. 

PS… I promise to make this more serious. It’s just that at 63 years old, I’m still uncertain about who and what I am. The older I get, the more complicated life seems, so I try to make humor for myself and hopefully for others. Life is way too serious and I’m now learning this lesson. Relax the shoulders, mind and face. It’s all going to be all right…  For those of you who are offended by “The Bourbon” comment. I don’t apologize. It’s simply a joke. 





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