Photoshopped or Real? Aliens on The Moon

My curiosity for aliens and their contact with humans came when I was 9 years old. You see, my father was a mechanical engineer and worked at Morton Thiokol. He designed missiles and rockets. He contributed to The Nike Hercules and Zeus Series way back when life was innocent 1950’s and 60’s. Jim, my father, had an encounter of the 3rd kind and possibly the 4th. He was debriefed by the MIB, The Men in Black, flown to Washington and had Project Blue Book thrown down his throat. Daddy wasn’t usually a frightened man, but those boys intimidated him. The person he confided in was a 9 year old who he thought was clueless and would never remember the things he told her. That 9 year old was me. He gave me a rock like iron ore, that had physical properties that real iron ore or any other rock or stone has on this planet. The rock is missing now. (sad face)

 Now, for the article and film clip about missing NASA film and was there an alien being seen on The Moon by the Apollo Astronauts?
This video excerpt from youtube is impressive. The timing matches the actions or movements of the alien, the voice is that of Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, I’m not sure whose voice we’re hearing.
Most people say this is a fake. I say, Huh … Let’s investigate further. 
“Published on Sep 16, 2015

Smuggled Project Blue Book film reveals definitive proof of alien on Moon. Shot during 2 minute radio silence period of Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin witnessed this incident shortly after landing Apollo 11 on the moon. At the time this happened, the live television broadcast was interrupted for two minutes due to a claimed “overheated camera”.”

“This is a 16mm film recording of the original live video transmission, sent directly to the US government but blocked from public broadcast. The film was recently smuggled from an undisclosed government location.”




Real or not? Are we alone on Planet Earth?

Excerpts from Wikipedia articles say this:

Someone is lying. If I were a lie detector, I would register, that last statement is an untruth, NTSC.

And a RIP salute for David Bowie

11 thoughts on “Photoshopped or Real? Aliens on The Moon

    1. We need to chat more about this some time… What did you think of the video on that Photoshopped or Real Alien page? Did you watch it? A friend of mine is a detective and he was pointing out the terrain changes in the back ground, but I didn’t see what he was saying. I didn’t see the hills had changed or the stones that he insisted. He pointed out the gravity forces were not right. I said what if it were a hologram or spiritual being? Anyway, if you haven’t watched the video it is worth the view..

      Nice chatting


  1. The Earth is approximately one third the age of our Universe, and look how far we have come. Using the birth of the man we call Jesus as a starting point, we have come a great distance scientifically. Every Culture on this planet has it’s own Creation Theory, it’s own Flood Theory and all of them have us coming from somewhere off this planet. So yes I do believe in life on other Planets.
    However, the temperature in Space is -457 degrees Fahrenheit. And the motions of the figure in the film is more consistent with a that of a person on earth with gravity. And not at all like the weightless environment we all have seen in countless videos since the first Space Walks. I would seriously question this film as being authentic. My understanding of gravity on the Moon and on Earth says that the motion is abnormal and staged.

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    1. Yes, that makes sense and I too thought of that, but my question then is: what is the density of mass at the appearance of that being? Could it be a light form, spiritual, or a hologram? I don’t want to rule anything out, but I do wonder what is on our horizon?
      Thank you Alan for commenting. You know i appreciate you so much…

      Hugs to you


  2. I do believe in ET’s, but there’s something about that film that looks incongruous with the rest of the film from that landing. RIP, Mr. Bowie – you will be missed.

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    1. I will keep an open mind regarding that film clip. The reason why is because NASA inadvertently lost important footage of man’s first walk on The Moon. How convenient or they’re total morons… IDK… It’s another curious government blooper, I guess. Hey thanks for chatting this morning. And yes, RIP Mr. Bowie

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      1. I have no doubt that we’ve been contacted, or are in contact with ET’s. It’s just a mathematical probability to me. That clip just seemed too smooth, and not herky jerky like the other footage. I also don’t think that world governments are beyond a coverup, either, so anything is possible.

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        1. Personally, that is why I don’t get wrapped up politically. I think there is a force much stronger and more powerful than governments. The governments were made to appease the people. We all wanted a king. So in comes David. They (whomever, they are) gave us our governments, but they control the outcomes. I suppose I sound whacky to some, but this is how I think and believe…

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