Fascinating People in History


He, John Dee, was a commoner who received an education at Cambridge along with the elite in the 17th Century. Sometimes he was invited into Queen Elizabeth’s I court.

This is the article from The Telegraph and it reads:


In those dark times,” as the 17th-century antiquary John Aubrey observed, “astrologer, mathematician and conjurer were accounted the same things.”

And furthermore ~

“The life of John Dee, the pre-eminent magician of the Elizabethan age, remains shrouded in mystery. Can his library, on display for the first time, shed new light?


John Dee (The Man Who Spoke to Angels)


And then the next article is from Culture 24 and it reads:


I hope that you also enjoyed these two articles about John Dee, a fascinating person in history.

5 thoughts on “Fascinating People in History

    1. I did the research on this fellow Nicholas Flamel and you’re right, he is quite interesting. He was mentioned in The Harry Potter Books and in the book series The Discovery of Witches.

      Thanks Dune Mouse

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    1. A fellow FB friend shared this with a group of us and I kept reading and reading about him… And, you’re welcome Alan, thanks for visiting me, as always, I love when you stop by..


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