Daily Prompt: A Reason To Believe

Daily Prompt is A Reason To Believe


What are the other options if we have no faith or belief in something? 

Everyone believes in something whether it is Atheism, Gnosis, Science or any other traditional formed belief system or unconventional.

Belief is embedded in man, so I believe. It is natural just as a dog believes man will give it fresh food and water each day and is dependent on its faith in man’s task and it is natural.

When we look at The Universe and say, we don’t believe, than what? How do we persuade blind men to see beyond their eyes or a deaf man to hear without vibrations?

It is impossible to make a man have vision if there is no embedded imagination which is a gift by a greater force than humankind.



“A man will perish who has no vision.” Proverbs 29:18

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Reason To Believe

  1. I have noticed of late, that people who endorse science and believe in science above all things. Have reached the same state of mind, as the believers who endorsed and supported the Inquisitions imposed by he Church against Heretics. Even asking Congress to pass Laws that would remove and imprison Lawmakers who do not support their conclusions on Climate Change and Environmental Protection. Even though some arguments have shown them to be not entirely correct.
    When you pass the point where your belief reaches the same level as the Religious Zealots throughout History. You establish that you learned nothing from all of the mistakes recorded in the story of man. His Story.


    1. Yes, strict unyielding dogmatic beliefs are not my idea of a loving god and so I could never be a zealot for that kind of a belief system either.

      I’ve been in strict legalistic environments for many years past, and I will never return. It’s too unforgiving.

      Just my thoughts on beliefs, but would not try to sway another from their path. I’ve done that too, and could not ever do that again…


    1. What other way is there? If a man had no beliefs, that would be a sad person… If a man believes that he’s right and states, “there is no god,” so then, he does, believe in himself… There is no such idea as non belief… My opinion… This is a deep subject… LOL…

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