Simply Stargazing Fairies


Just simply star gazing while sitting hanging over a cliffs ledge

Lyre in hand and a verse on her lips and a flame holding a vowed pledge

The sea cares not while it chronically rolls in and out with the demanding tides

A working relationship once ordained by The Moon, no surprise

Oh, how brightly the stars shine so many truths and no lies

That’s why she sits there perched to watch and hear their cries

Tales from other galaxies, as well, the heavens, do tell and share 

The mystical fairy weaves the wise lyrics into an enchanting tunes

Only the secrets reveal magic during the flight of a maverick

Under the wings spread during the night held by a silvery Loon.


By Bonnie Jennings

©2016 All Rights Reserved


For the illustration or image, again I don’t have an artists name. This is disappointing because they should be recognized.. My apologize, Oh talented one…

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