Inspiration of the Weird Kind


Inspiring places…


Some people must go to a cabin in the woods to be inspired to write

There are some who like mountain tops or large, loud, bustling cities

Places where the foods are exotic inspire Andrew Zimmern

But oddly, the best way to inspire me is to make me clean grout.


It’s called. “Let Me Escape! This floor is cold, dirty, filthy, disgusting and I’m sitting on it! 


Escapism 🙂 by writing … Stories are a terrible thing to waste.


21 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Weird Kind

    1. Me too Erika… Escapism… LOL Oh, except… bathing the feline. I just bathed the kitten and there was no moment for escapism. When I was in school, I remember day dreaming about stories. Some stories, my mother told and a few that I created, and that took me a long way from a classroom.

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  1. Long drives on country roads, listening to music especially the sounds that instruments make, some of the oldie but goodies take me back to happier moments and refresh my soul. For now I am lost in my own silence, and I wait for it all to pass.
    Beautifully done my friend.

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