Notes to Self About BU 201 (and blogging)




This is Blogging University 201 class and extra articles that I found useful and informative. It also has my thoughts on each class. So far, we have almost finished the 2nd week.


Week 1)

In lesson one my personal understanding of the class and my new angle is authenticity and I tried it, but have decided that being candid is perhaps wiser until I develop a pen name or a blogging name far from my own name. We don’t live in a free world, so having said that, know that protecting identity when blogging is a safer manner of writing. It’s protective in many ways and that’s my personal decision.


Week 2)

Week 2 has been the most interesting as it makes one write openers that sometimes push one’s personal envelope. It makes the writer come out of the comfort zone and write the hook or post the picture that brings the reader into a blog.


Week 3)

We just started this week. It should be fascinating. It has been a couple of weeks since this class and honestly this will be a redo for me…  I din’t comprehend the lesson, so when this class is offered again, I will sign up…


Week 4)

It is because I had already begun the process of crafting a scene, I understood the reasoning and the mechanics of the lesson. Good class!

Week 5)

Awe… This class is ongoing and will never be completed… Rewrite rewrite rewrite …  Corporation of everything learned in the course will make an awesome blog, book, poem or whatever… Simply put into practice  your new angel, create the most dynamic hook, work your key moment or pinnacle parts of the story, write it as though your telling a story in a book, make your scenery, plot and characters tell the story (not, you). Lastly, never stop polishing your creation and write write write…

This was a great class and I will be taking it again….




And, a happy blogging to all of us…  Please feel free to add any blogging tips, or experiences, thoughts, comments if you so want to….


4 thoughts on “Notes to Self About BU 201 (and blogging)

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