The Web is Your Oyster: Where to Find Free-to-Use Images

Free Images…

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For many of you, images are an integral part of your site. But sometimes, you might not have the right photograph to use for a post. As we’ve mentioned before, you can use the Creative Commons to search for images you need across the web, from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons, and source and attribute images that you find.

This spring, announced embed support for Getty Images, which means you can also access and share photos from Getty’s extensive library for non-commercial use.

We’ve recently noticed other sites that compile great images that are free to use for your personal projects — like your blog — or commercial work. Let’s take a peek.

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2 thoughts on “The Web is Your Oyster: Where to Find Free-to-Use Images

    1. Yes, I’m with you on not being clear. I hear “don’t post them,” or “you can post them if you site the creator, or have permission.” Also, Pinterest, the pictures there, how do they get away with “pinning” someones art work? If you find any more articles will you please share them? I’m still confused…


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