I Love Onions


If he doesn’t like onions; he won’t like me.

And, if I changed to hate them, than soon, I’d hate he.


You see, onions and God have formed a link

Because onions not only make the breath to stink

But, they being peeled cause my eyes to blink…


And, if he hated onions, then soon, you see

Angry people would we be, cause he changed me

So, then, Onions make for unholy matrimony

Unless, of course, we’re marrying  a vegetarian




8 thoughts on “I Love Onions

  1. Lol:) Onions absorb bacteria from the air. Did you know that? You should never leave a cut onion in the fridge to use for later. it gets toxic. Just a bit of trivia that’s not so trivial.

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    1. Yes, I know onions do wonderful things like clean the blood. And, I don’t understand why some people hate. I wrote this (I don’t know why), but I did see a picture of a display of onions of many colors. There was a blue one which was very unique to me… My favorite are red onions and I’m certain God will have onions in heaven… 🙂 Thanks for the trivia and for stopping by…. Let’s stay in touch…

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