She is Faith




Science proves or disproves theory, however, faith is unrestrained and has no boundaries as she is everywhere and she is farther than imaginations have traveled. She has never been proved scientifically, and perhaps she never will. Faith is an eternal mystery and she chooses to remain incognito and that’s what she wills.

She laughs while soaring here, there and about, and she’s gentle when she rests on the clock’s hands. And time ceases rolling ahead when Faith visits, it applauds her timeliness and kneels reverently when she goes. Her visits are frequent in time’s matrix of everywhere and Faith just knows.

From ships at sea caught in rolling waves where hurricanes forge a path, from chapel walls, and babies who crawl, on mountain peaks faraway from forest trees, Faith visits the hiding and tormented. She lights on the shoulders of seers and approves the desires of God himself when she whispers in ears.

Faith is beautiful and whimsically sings. She is like the butterfly who brings joy on hot summer days. She resembles a grub worm as she weaves within the woven seams and tippy-toes around freezing icy streams. She visits our dreams snd sprinkles her gold and Faith travels where others dare to go.



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