Ruler of The World




Ladies and Gentlemen from around the world, not just my country The USA, what is your opinion on who should rule the world?

The naked men are my hook.

Do you believe there is a government behind all governments that control the world?

I’m disheartened over our election candidates. I’m more conservatives, but not extreme. I’m a fence rider as I see both sides social needs and the need to tighten our financial belts.

What do you in the world believe? Are we moving into a one world government?


This picture was on a WordPress article. Thank you as it represents the He Man quality to rule the world…

17 thoughts on “Ruler of The World

                  1. Well, they were a bit of a distraction 🙂 I thought I suggested a government with Heart and Soul ? Who that would be I haven’t the foggiest. Maybe I thought I did – sometimes my mind leaps ahead of my fingers on the keyboard 🙂 I don’t like Trump, and I’m not at all sure about Clinton. As for the rest…..??

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                    1. Fingers crossed. I’m not in America but from what I see of the campaigning there it’s just as much of a circus there as it tends to be here – just a different process.

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                    2. Are the people in Australia getting as angry there as they are here? The public is posturing here and saying things that would not be ordinarily said do to anger.. I’m 63 and haven’t seen so much animosity as now…

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                    3. There is a lot of anger flying around about a lot of stuff. People seem to be on edge and react emotionally. From a different perspective it could be thought of as humanity and the world cleansing and healing itself in readiness for something better. Like a boil being lanced – healing can’t start till the toxins are released. The best thing to do to help it along is to focus on Love, not fear. BTW – I’m 63 as well!!

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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