Recognizing Others




There are many writers/poets/editors that I want to recognize in future posts. The majority  of them I’ve met on FB and have become acquainted throughout this past year. They feel like home and family to me now and should be recognized for their long hours of volunteering on their sites as administrators and our cheerleaders. Daily, they spend,  building up other poets and writers.

In the future I will be introducing you to some of them by acknowledging them by posting with their permission their writing, art and perhaps their editing services.

Yesterday, March 5th, Alan Boles at A Poet’s Haven was mentioned with his writing. It was my pleasure to post Alan’s work as he dedicates personally long hours, like 4 am until evening, daily. He also, writes fantastic poems and short stories. I shared one of them yesterday.

I have asked Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf at Potpourri Poets/Artist to join me soon here at  Boondoggling With Bojenn and she has agreed. “I’m excited!” Susan has a publishing company, as well, and she can include her contact information. She has numerous poetry books published @Wildfire Publications.


The next person I will be presenting to you is my personal editor who is almost related to me and has been a later childhood friend since 1968, Ky Ellen Mason of Mason Communications out of Shreveport, La.

I’ve asked Poetess Barbara Suen to write a poem for me and have asked an artist dear friend of mine, Shelley Cannon-Fredrick, to possible lend a piece of her endearing work, for Barbara to write about.


And, hopefully soon, this will come together!

Until we meet again…

May God hug you and I today and tomorrow….



8 thoughts on “Recognizing Others

  1. Indeed thank you, and looking forward to continuing are friendship, and seeing and reading your recognition of fellow poets and writers. As I have grown accustomed to reading and enjoying your writing as well. And thank you again.

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