“Barbara’s in the garden” By Barbara Suen

It is my pleasure to introduce a poetess friend whose poetry I admire immensely. I met Barbara on a FB poetry site and we became friends across many miles in The USA. Once in a while we chat on the phone and talk about writing, poetry and other things.

Barbara’s poetry is usually a conversation held with whomever, whether a deceased  relative or with God. Her poetry communications are spiritual, haunting and are emotionally riveting. She also speaks to God with a warmth that is authentic and, I believe, that is why I love her poetry.

So now, I share with you, Poetess Barbara Suen



Barbara’s Garden 



Forever In The Garden

I feel God gives me a taste of heaven

when I place my hands in the earth

planting the seeds

I watch

and I wait…………….

warm with the sun on my back

even my smile returns from the long gray of winter

soon I see tiny shoots of green life

poking up their tiny heads

and I wait……………..

He supplies the sun and rain

I keep the weeds at bay

believing in him……believing in me

every summer I sow


I am like a child when the flowers BLOOM

“they grew” Yes “they grew”

miracles of cobalt, magenta, turquoise and fire-ball orange

sweet perfume whispers with the wind

I close my eyes sometimes in this peace all around

the buzzing of bees and birds that sing

their different songs at once as they flit about

this paradise

Yes. A taste of heaven for this earthy soul

I plan to stay ….you know.

when one day I shed my human form

my wish is to have my ashes scattered

amongst a field of wildflowers

eternity in the sweet soil and warm sun

They will say “Barbara’s in the garden”

of course!

©Barbara Suen March 7, 2016 All Rights Reserved



Thank you Barbara for sharing your intimate poetry.

*If anyone wants to contact Barbara she is on FB as Barbara Suen.



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