A “Strikingly different (comparison) from something else,” (see citing below) conceptual opinion, judgement, theory, hypothesis or fact made by living creatures, humans and animals. 

In the above statement, I stated “opinion,” and “judgement,” and this is my opinion about the definition of the word contrast.

I’ve often wondered if when the word “blue” is asked to be recognized, in a stack of colors,  that different individuals are choosing, actually see a different interpretation of the word “blue?” Do people actually choose red, or another colorwhich is how I see green? 

These different recognitions are contrasting opinions that have yet to be proven. These options on colors are contrasting viewpoints and are our judgements about colors.

After all, we all see different sides to many issues such as abortion, religion, politics, wealth, health and poverty. Often we connect circumstances to colors, judgements and opinions.


My thoughts on Contrast  K♣️




The Daily Post link:


The definition of “contrast” by The Oxford Dictionary

“The state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association”

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