He Called It Hoarding, But I ~ The Daily Prompt

He Called It Hoarding!

But I called it an object. In my reality it was an object that held sentimental memories of my mother or  father or a deceased pet. And, even though it was broken it was still dear to me. It was an object that held my affections of people long gone…

My father’s rocking chair is at least 70 years old and is broken. It is still in my garage waiting for me to mend it, to heal it, or to make it better . These were/are my best intentions, but… Sigh and my excuses…

People don’t understand the broken pieces or objects hold energy of the deceased love one and this I will prove in my photograph below.

This photograph, I took in the spring of 2012. It was with ann Apple 4 cell phone.. And, by the way, I have the progressions of the dragon emerging and forming from the bonfire that was held in my backyard.

In the bonfire, I burned some of the objects that made me “a hoarder,” and this is what happened. A Fire Drake came out from the flames. There were irreparable antiques that had lost anyway of preservation, so I burned them.Those objects held energies that I have felt many times. To explain, when a compass lays in my hand or an old broken watch, I sense their life and it makes them worthy still to the living … I feel their presence.


My Fire Drake

So that is my take on my objects that I “hoard.”


Thanks for reading…

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