The Poetess For Today Is ~

The Poetess For Today Is ~

Well, today is March 9th, 2016, and I want to introduce to you another poetess friend who is an author of numerous books and also publishes for others.  She is an owner and administtrator on a FB poetry site called Potpourri Poets/Artists. She’s not busy at all… LOL!

May I introduce to you, Susan Joyner-Stumphf. Today, I want to recognize her for all of the accomplishments, and for her personal poetic writing which is deep, extensive, mysterious, sensuous, haunting and the descriptive list goes on and on. But, most importantly, Susan is a supporter for other writers and is always encouraging the least of us to continue writing. The giving of her time and support to others often seems limitless.

Under Susan’s picture you can read her poem, Soul’s Release. And, under her poem you will find her bio that she wrote, plus how to find her books, her FB page link, and business card for any further questions.

So without any further introduction, here is Susan’s poem, Soul’s Release…





You will know of truths

They scrape your cells

You will feel the whir,

The adagio of their tailwind,

Touching you like a

Myriad of pearled feathers

Ancient whispers

Awakened noumenon

Fabric opening of cognition

Sanguine moments, stilled

Rippling time a voluble blip

In your restive heart-star

Winking at the semi-darkness

Candle on the ocean’s scar

Thoughts ~ ~ … life forms

Of their own massed holograph,

Kaleidoscopic orbs

Re-circling the vacuum of

What once was of cranial dust

Now transcendent-luminous

Echelon of Earth’s God-stroked genesis

Fingering of divine tracing beam

That then became inculcated Sapiens

In those ruminate clouds where

Slipstream dreams are swallowed

A greater force is recognized,

Finds its collided deluge

Its then-fling with death’s tiny surprise

A taste that immortality seizes from a ‘high!

Passion’s aurora gate, amber-ridden bliss

The folds that cupped my mortal sting

Are now my Soul’s Release.

Copyright ©Susan Joyner-Stumpf®


Susan’s Bio: 

Susan Joyner-Stumpf was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana but now calls the Colorado Rockies her home.  She resides with her husband and a menagerie of animal children.  She has been writing since the age of seven, now a writing career that spans over forty years.  Susan writes not only Poetry, but Short Stories, Prose, Songs and has a novel in the Works called LOVE YOU TO PIECES, DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER. Susan has published 26 and still going with many future singular projects in the works as well as collaborations with other Authors.  As a writer, Susan has always strived to touch another Soul with her words. Her passion is to write. Fame and fortune were never a thought. It was always about touching another life with her words. Susan is also a Certified Graphics Artist and offers publishing services with her company WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS where she publishes authors and does their book covers.  Her other company, WILDFIRE PRODUCTIONS, creates 3-D Live Stream Videos for Authors’ Book trailers or personal videos of whatever the customer wants. She runs one of the fastest growing Poetry Pages on Facebook at this time, called POTPOURRI POETS/ARTISTS WRITING COMMUNITY, which is growing daily and had over a thousand members before the group was even three months old.  This writer doesn’t stop!!!!

Visit Susan on Facebook:

Where to buy Susan’s books on LULU SPOTLIGHT:

Susan on




Thank you for reading this blog today and I hope that you have enjoyed meeting Susan.

Please leave us a note or contact Susan for any further questions.

Have a fantabulous day.




6 thoughts on “The Poetess For Today Is ~

  1. Bonnie I want to personally thank you for finding me worthy of an Interview and thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me, you did a wonderful job and thank you for bringing other Authors into the Spotlight, as well. Bless you.

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