To Dream of Dancing Within Paisley Swirls


To Dream of Dancing Within Paisley Swirls

By Bonnie Jennings



Once upon a time

She danced within paisley swirls

Colors of springtime bloomed

Turning pirouettes before noon

And her world was gay and free


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Innocence begat innocence begat chains

Begat rules and churning and turning things

Begat ideologies and faith

Came time and sleeps and sunrises

And Moon risings and peace and rathe





And before she realized the stars were watching

Her smile disappeared from her face

The twirls and spins once freely spun

Were replaced by human cares

And the feminine spirit just stands and stares




The magical world of fairies and elves

Vanished in a blazing flame

Burned by a place called hellish dreams

And not in the place called OZ

She watched in horror as the ashes blew

Tossed away in a tumultuous wind




Nevertheless, the fairies left her with a seed of hope

Found in deep caverns of her mind

To dream of dancing within paisley swirls

Turning pirouettes way before noon

Dancing in flowers of springtimes parade





This place Is close and secretly found

And, budding freely when watered

A place that is utterly blissfully divine

A place known as Elysium

There waiting happily for her

In a place planted inside the mind





©Bonnie Jennings 2016 All Rights Reserved

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