4 Chambers in Your Heart

4 Chambers in Your Heart



There are four chambers in your heart

Born with red blood pumping, from the start

But, something happened along your way

Am I responsible for this, dare I say


You who were so beautiful

Called, the fair headed child

The four chambers pumping red

But soon, there was one, that must have died


Dead to cares of life and bitterness, so long

Tell me fair hair child where I went wrong?


Three chambers pumping red

Became two, thus, instead

And the two chambers tried so hard

To overcome hatred and anger that bled


In your mind, overcoming your heart

Oh, fair haired child, please don’t depart

Then, the two chambers became one

But, the one fell apart ~ working so hard


Dead to cares of life and bitterness so long

Tell me fair hair child where I went wrong?


Now, your world is black, and filled with grief

Fair haired child, you must believe

Intended for goodness and mercy to achieve

Peace and safety and rest in your being


Listen child and see the light!

Follow the light rays following their path

To goodness and love in your heart

Follow child, lest there be, forever in the dark


Dead to cares of life and bitterness so long

Tell me fair hair child where I went wrong?


This way! Take my hand.

Hold tight and embrace and leave this land

Of anger, hatred, demons and hell

Take my hand, and trust, and if you fell


Try again and again, for everyone fights

Trying to grab a piece of the light

And those who don’t make it, my fair haired one

Are those who don’t believe in goodness of the son…





K♣️ ©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

The photograph/digital art is by me












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