Fighting, The Daily Prompt


Eaten  horse is good fer ur complection, er, looks


About Doing Magic, Fighting The Urge


“Roll the video, please.”

A man, slender, tall and who wore wire rim glasses asked,

“Do you practice magic? He assumed the rumors were true, so he asked her.

Replying thoughtfully she replied,

“When you meet someone and have a feeling of dislike, do you turn your disdain to appreciation?”

He seemed to wonder where the conversation was going. Trying to answer honestly, correctly, said,

“I meet people everyday that I don’t particularly like.”

Refraining the question to the man, she asked again,

“Do you take the ill feelings about them and turn them into good thoughts?”

“No,” he replied.

“There you have it. You answered your own question. You do black magic everyday,” she iterated.

“I don’t do magic, I’m a Christian,” abruptly he stated.

“Mr. Smith, let me explain. Our feelings are our magic. If you have a witches mantra in front of you and read it, the mantra means nothing. However, if you read it with emotions and feelings than you have performed magic. A witch can’t produce magic without feelings,” she further explained.

He gave her a glare of entrapment. His eyes had the look of kill or death in them.

“See, you’re doing witchcraft now.” She wanted to give him a mirror or show him his facial gestures and physical posturing.


He didn’t stop, he didn’t move, he didn’t blink.

“Furthermore,” she added, “Unless, you change your tone and body language and wish well of all men, then you have performed witchcraft. Witchcraft is performed using emotions, not words on paper. It is the thoughts behind the paper that moves a mountain, or the desires behind the thoughts.”

He was really angry with this witch, at this point.

“You see Mr. Smith, dark magic, black magic remains just that, until it is turned into happiness and light. Dark thoughts can be changed to become a blessing rather than a curse. So, we all do black magic, until we turn all disdainful imaginations into pure, clear, good and loving thoughts. Until then, all bad designs remain dark magic. And, all bad thoughts create vibrations, as well as, good thoughts. Good feelings also have a vibrational frequency that is much different.” She cocked her head to look at him and to see if he acknowledged understanding of the explanations.

Mr. Smith was squirming. He wanted to leave.

She continued to reiterate,” You see, the person who entered your space, that you disliked, is a recipient of your dark magic. Your vibrational attitudes set a force into action to that person or any person. It is an unseen force, but if that person is at all sensitive, they will feel your bad thoughts and feel your ill vibrations and those vibrations create fear or a negative emotion.

Mr. Smith listened slightly, as she was getting interesting.

“You see Mr. Smith, we all do dark magic or witchcraft every day. It is until we choose to turn our bad thoughts into good ones that it all remains witchcraft. She smiled and turned from him but she couldn’t help from noticing, Mr. Smiths countenance had softened. He was understanding the explanation. His facial expression had changed. He was no longer angered at the woman he swore was a witch. No, Mr. Smith was quiet. He sank a little and the harshness in his face and determined look of hatred was gone.


After seeing Mr. Smith’s change the councilor turned to the jury and then to the judge. She says, “If it pleases the court, I now rest my case.”


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