About Hell


 Light at the end of a tunnel in Hades

About hell



In my dreams visitors so many

Nightly ghouls come wanting to talk

Pointing, showing, telling thinking, I’m lost

Non of them smile very often

All have something, they must say

Perhaps they are confused bout nothing

They think I have ethereal wisdom

Floating over my bed of judgement

Fleeting here and there forlornness questions

Often they are despaired and weary

Having no peace of their own

Searching for closures from this world

Rattled by deaths untimely and raw

Unrestful beings to whom next go

Traveling the night to continents apart

Looking for someone in lights departs

Begging pleading asking chittering jabbing unrest

Just help them find the place

Of peace, safety where they rest

Nudging my arm, pushing to awaken

They have no boundaries

There is no time, It is their plight

To find peace from once lived

In human form, in human skin

They are demanding, they insist

To be their medium, they all insist

Find their relief from distress

Open the door of hades, and release

Them into rest and eternal sleep

4 thoughts on “About Hell

  1. I found that when I got out of someone else’s mind, they all went away. Find or figure out whose mind your in and shut the door and they will all go away. greart writing.

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