About Love and Orchards

Cambodia Killing Field Choeung Ek


Chuckled, the muse of delight

A Pecan orchard had wandering paths

Lost in the myriad of thoughts on love

The Moon so full on that eve

Led to where a few longings be

Whilst Jasmine captured memories 

Tumbling at night under the trees

Tangled auburn hair and yours’ black

Groped together there under stars

The horned owl watched in questioning shock

Embracing as one along time ago

The aroma of peaches tossed to and fro

Walked quietly, my bare feet met strath

The Jasmine asked, would I come back?

I don’t know, I replied, and that is that

The Pecan branches blew so soft

The Moon lit the meandering path

I wondered then what life might bring

Would I ever find this way again

Saying goodbye to the orchard at eighteen

Have not traveled that path joined with any hand

But, aromatic memories so fond still permeate 

The memories of youthful passionate quests 

© Bonnie Jennings 2016 All Rights Reserved. Thank you

2 thoughts on “About Love and Orchards

  1. This brought to mind, the time I spent with my Grandparents in Comanche, Texas.
    Picking up Pecans from their front yard. And eating pies and desserts my Grandmother made. I was very young but I still remember. Beautifully done.

    Liked by 1 person

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