March Poetry 2016




An etherial door unlatched before her

A magical kingdom summoned the daughter

Stepping through the portal, sees visions

The elusive setting was truly surreal

Blue the sky with downy clouds

Flowing waters, clear as the heavens

The entry shut, behind her sigh

Where hot sand and somber colors

Closed forever, barrens of eternal grey

Smiling huge, she dances displaying animations

Through that entrance, found boundless joy

Soon forgetting the desert of rocks


Troubled Makers

Lying untamed in the psyche of humans

Is a desire to create havoc

The roaring lion, is what it is

A trouble maker.

Oh, the drama, dear is so much fun!

While they stir the pot, before they run

Leaving behind chaos and shame

All the while laughing, at their disdain

And The Borderline Personality says,

“Who me!” Denying all trouble and blaming you

Getting away with their chaotic charms

Lying in wait for their next un-virtuous harms

Never placing the proper response

Refusing ownership and not a glance

Looking at nothing but their trouble

Stating that its not their bother


The Gypsy Goddess and Her Animals

Seeing needs of unloved humans

Appropriately assigns the animals

Rabbits for intimacy and doves for love

An the owl she sends for lacking wisdom

Dressed in fabrics of Mother Earth

Colored by Indian folklore and black dirt

Her aroma of wild pheromones allure

All animals united by her demure

Thank you artist

Two Teddie sat in a wooden chair

Dust had gathered from lack of care

The years passed while they waited

So patiently, since she went to heaven

Her mother neglected them because ~

The sights of them, reminded her of love

The Teddies fur, crushed and torn

Contained the caresses after she was born

And once in awhile, the mother hugged them

Found a blond hair, caught in the hem

And a lingering scent from a little kiss

On the fabric, of the Teddies lips



©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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