Mello: “I write to heal the people.”

This is the most poignant statement, Mello, and perhaps you will elaborate on how you do this and your technique?

Do you have an intuitive sense about others hurts or do they simply tell you?



Hi, I’m Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf.  Being a writer and Certified Graphics Artist myself, I am always curious to find out the artist BEHIND their work, whether it be a writer, artist who draws, musician and/or singer/songwriter.  Here on my site, Rhythm and Muse Artist Spotlight, I interview Artists of all genres and talk about their inspirations, their current endeavors and future projects.  If you’re looking for a good book to read, maybe you will find it after reading the Interview; or wanting to discover new art to look at and possibly buy?  Or music to listen to?  Come to Rhythm and Muse, Artist Spotlight Interviews and meet the Artists that keep Art Alive in our world today!!

Today we will be interviewing Mello Sakia (ROBERT FITZGERALD BURTON):

Author Pic

Mello Sakia

 [Susan]          Mello, hi, and thank you for coming today and allowing me to Interview you. …

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