Fellow Poetess Kim Rodrigues, “Please, say hello.”

It is my pleasure to introduce another poet, whom I’ve met on a FB poetry site, and her name is Kim Rodrigues and she hails from Atlanta Georgia, USA.


Kims photo


Kim Rodrigues lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband. They love spending time with their grandchildren and taking cruises.  She is currently working as a Library Technician and, also, Kim served 8 years in the U.S. Navy. 

Some of her hobbies are bible studies, crocheting  knitting, and quilting.  Kim has a certificate in Poetry writing and in Christian Ministry (from INSTE Bible College).

Writing about her family, traveling and life experiences are her passion and what drives her love for writing.

So again, it is a great pleasure to have a veteran of The US Navy sharing one of her poems with my readers on Boondoggling site with Bojenn. 

Thank you, Kim for visiting this site and agreeing to gather your poem and pictures and your bio and forwarding it to me, I know you’re very busy. I thank you and so will the readers…


Now, for Kim’s poem which she has generously shared with all of us who love poetry.




The cinnamon tea lover in me thrives

Hand-held book comes to a surprising end

Be careful reaching in the honey hives

Observing cruelty of the author’s bend

Suspense creeps in with tea and crumpets, dear,

And murder, mayhem, chaos, stirred right in

And lumps of sugar fuel our need to fear

So not to take a sip, would be a sin

That spot of tea with a delicious plot

Interesting characters, both good and bad

Protagonist fights her way to the top

It can drive your tea bags stark raving mad

Authors have that awful glint in their eyes

Because they do decide – who lives, who dies

Kim Rodrigues ©2015


Kim, this is a precious, darling,wonderful poem… The adjectives of delight could continue, and I personally want to know more, what comes next? Great job and fun… Thank you for your fresh poetry which is so innocently written and FULL of intrigue… Loved it!

Thank you Kim, for taking time away from your busy schedule. It’s been a delight to have you present your poem.

Thank you again and again…

We look forward to reading and seeing more of your poems.

You can find Kim’s work on FB @ A Poets Haven, Potpourri Poets/Artists and a few more FB poetry sites if you want to follow her. She will be there…


Take care, and thanks for stopping by and reading today. Have a wonderful day!




Picture with doll and tea set info:

Photo downloaded from Pixabay.com

CCO Public Domain

Free for commercial use

No attribution required

18 thoughts on “Fellow Poetess Kim Rodrigues, “Please, say hello.”

    1. Thank you Susan for taking time out to leave Kim a note… Thanks for the reblog too… You and I love recognizing fellow poets and their talents as often modern poets don’t always get a chance to be read… And Kim, and may more deserve to be read and recognized.. Thanks a million, dear friend..

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      1. Yes I agree we all should support one another and I love bringing the Spotlight to those who may have fallen under the radar ~ so much talent out there and they deserve the recognition!!!! Let’s keep this going, Bonnie!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Kim, you realize that you can follow Susan’s link to her page, as well? Again, thank you for taking your time to share with everyone. I know that you are a very busy person…


      2. I wouldn’t have met you and your great poetry had it not been for Bonnie and for that I’m grateful and I shared it on my Blog too, Kim, Bonnie and I do that to help those we interview get double the exposure because we believe in YOU!!!!!

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    1. Thank you, and I will ask Kim to please visit the site and read her comments and notes. Thank you for reading Kim’s poem and taking your time to make a comment. She will appreciate this, I’m certain….


      1. Kim, thank you! I’m so thankful that you allowed me to share a little of your story and a poem you’ve written. I wasn’t aware that you are a veteran and that makes you even more special and endearing. Thank you for all that you do… Blessings Kim.


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