What is love



What is love?

What truly defines lovers, soul mates or flames 🔥?

So, after 6 years of being divorced, again… Will

Say, I really don’t know, except my soulmate will

Look like Jesus, act like Jesus and will love like

My Messiah. He who loves me unconditionally

Is he, the one who is me. I won’t have to be fat,

Skinny, blonde, brunette, talk a certain way, say

What only he would utter, Nor would I have to

Become their idea of their perfect mate. And,

Visa-Versa. For true love is kind, and it sees no

Flaws such as Weight, hair, wrinkles, crinkles,

Pimples nor profession. Love does not think of

What it can gain by the other person, nor what

It can steal of their heart. Love walks next to you,

And not in front, nor behind. Love doesn’t control

The TV remote, nor insist on roast beef with potatoes

At night. No, love is thankful and is appreciative

Of the friendship that it has gained, when we joined Hands.

Love doesn’t insist on conjugal rights, and It

too, accepts rejection with a smile, as it does not take

Things personally for it, too, has rejected. Love does not

Get it’s feelings hurt, nor play games with a heart

Love doesn’t keep a record of the fact that I failed

To hug them or love them one Friday night 2 weeks

Ago, and it holds my hand when I cry, and it makes me

Laugh on rainy days. It bakes cookies when I don’t

Want to. It also makes the spaghetti and cleans up,

Afterwards. It sighs when a bird dies. It calms a

Whimpering dog. Love NEVER kicks a dog.

It tames wild beasts with love. It loves my

Animals, my children. And I love, Loves too. Love,

Loves my family in all the dysfunction and gay children

And all the drama of car accidents and comas, and

Deaths and sadness, tears and melancholia that resides In my heart.

And, I don’t have to be a nurse any longer,

Because Love understands that sometimes, I too, must

Be nurtured. And this describes my soul mate and flame,

He is Jesus….



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