A Vision, A Ghost in My Mirror



My goodness! My eyes are poor

But, the vision before me stood

A haunting face of a woman

Surprised me by; showing her image

What does she want? Not certain.

A ghostly creature there, she stands

The candles lit in her hand

The mirror image from it shown

A forlorn girl perhaps a bride

What do you want? I ask

Staring eyes, she lead her quest

Following her to where, I not ask

Climbing stairs into a dank attic

An open window she glides towards

Standing there, she pauses a moment

Then looking at me, she nods

Up to the seal, she steps

Pausing ,while I take a gasp

Don’t! Said I, before her jump

Over the window, without a thump

Staring down, from the opened window

She was not there, nor any shadows

Dreaming, must I be, in wrestlers sleep

Turned to return to go back to sleep

However, on the table, her candles

It burned just like as she held

and I blowing out the fires; she lived

Thus, sent her to sleep, without dread

Blessing her soul into eternal rest

Saying goodnight, I’d finished her quest

Goodnight fair lady, goodnight.



©2016 Bonnie Jennings/Bojenn All Rights Reserved

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