When The Crimson Clover Blooms


When The Crimson Clover Blooms



Photograph from Free Wall Images



Oh, my Father

When the red clover blooms

Driving on the highways

Reminds me of you


I can’t help but wonder

At your heavenly home

Are there red flowers from the clover

And are there Azaleas too


Oh, my Father how I miss

Your love for our gardens

But, I want you to know

Your grandson loves them too


And, when I see the clover

In spring each year

How I want to dance and twirl

In a field like a girl


Daddy, I miss you

Im older now

And you have two grandchildren

And one grandson child


I teach them your passions

Of flowers and stars

Oh, Daddy how we miss

You’re meandering amongst our yard



And the red clover reminds me,

Each year of you

I hope your home in heaven

Is your garden 

Created by you


Miss you Daddy





©2016 Bonnie G Jennings Remembering Daddy

All Rights Reserved



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