Could I Be Dreaming


Sailing away from shores all alone

Angst, can’t she be wrong

The Moon lit the waves as the boat disappeared

Into the black of night

Winds of change; tides of the moon

Causing a way, where non

Making the storms: subside to commands

Providing safety from harm

Sailing away from shores all alone

Angst, can’t she be wrong

The Moon lit the waves as the boat disappeared

Into the black of night

©2016 Bonnie Bonnie Jennings K♣️All Rights Reserved

 Art by Bonnie

He Gave Them Power

We are almost fully into The Age of Aquarius
Poem written Crown Couplets


The golden calf of Taurus reigned 8000 years ago
Then Aries entered sacrificing lambs and rams for quid pro quo
Thus secrets inhibited Piscean Age and governments did overthrow
‘Twas then, a savior born, midst those turbulent chiliads years
However, orbiting Suns journey leaves Pisces when Aquarius nears
On the Vernal Equinox 2000 A.D. Is five degrees Pisces, but soon to leave
The cusp of Aquarius patiently awaits the Sun’s visit gallantly to please
And the Sun rest in Aquarius for 2000 years offering peace for humanity
Teaching scientific breakthroughs, lending hands, setting free insanity
We have two thousand years before our Sun exits towards Capricorn Age
Sharing altruism, while in the eleventh house, the humanitarian stage

©K♣️ 2016 All Rights Reserved
Bonnie Jennings soul collage art by Bonnie Jennings167841_1285264668960_5791919_n

A Lullaby to my mother


Ghostly Song

Whisper a name in a song that you hear
Could that name, be mine?
Sing the song, with ghostly wrongs
Sailing the waves and seas

Swelling and clouds, flying or trees
Green of hills and seas
Once were we, once was then
Once upon a time

Whisper a name in a song that you hear
Could that name, be mine?
Sing the song, with ghostly wrongs
Sailing the waves and seas

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Dropping Jaw Poetry

Half past two: “BANG!” Thunder rolling, post, the lights
Insomnia now, made coffee, drank, to bed again, no frights
Boom! Vibrations of my bed, but still, there's nothing to dread
Just another thunderstorm experienced, from my bed
Three-AM. So quiet now, but wait! There stood a grey man
“Oh, no! Not you again.” Questioning, but he insisted his hand
And, like before, there is no choice, and off and away, we went
Parallel to the earth and up over heaven, so while flying; I repent.
And, as before, so many times, entering the mothership, are my kind
Some sleeping, some playing cards, some in surgery, Oh, my crazy mind!
Surely a dream, so, I ask, and no one answers, but vacantly stares, in fact.
“You, know the answers,” from within my mind, thus seeing, my body, intact
And, there I was, on mother’s ship, for several hours, plus more
Suddenly, my alarm echoes seven, from under covers; wondering, dreaming lore?
Got ready for work, with bags under eyes, disheveled, from astrums' soar 
To somewhere  else ~ that I've traveled, innumerable light years before

©2016 Raining and Thundering Tonight. Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


Christian Flaws… We judge, we judge, we judge


I love, Jan


My Editorial today…

I am a christian (with a lower case c)
The lower case “c” is used just because ~
Please, let’s not point fingers, accuse, speak evil to or disdain someone because they don’t fit into your christian mold.
What is a christian? We all have our beliefs often within the boundaries of our denomination, and our personal experiences. The best answer, other than believing in The Son of God is Yeshua, the second answer is to imitate his life. That is simple enough, but when we feel we have the right to condemn and send, to hell, others, because our perceptions are different, then we act as a god and have not the mind of a loving God. Remembering that people burned at the stake, for being “witches,” because christians lacked understanding. The unknown is feared. The mind of Christ can’t operate in fear. Fear kills, and destroys that which is incorrectly discerned. As an example, we still kill harmless snakes, out of fear. I might ask, is the killing of such a creature as the snake accomplished because ~ why? What is it about the snake that causes such anxiety that one wants to kill it? The answer is simple ~ fear or fears of the unknown kill snakes, animals and sometimes others. Perhaps, it is not an actual killing or murdering of, a human or animal, but it is a torturing, a name calling, a poking, a prodding, a disgracing of, gossiping of, saying horrible things of, etc etc etc… You see the point, and all because, it is a lack of understanding of that which one feared.
And, what bothers me the most, are the qualities we put on people because of our denominational boundaries and ideals of whom God is (to the perceiver) and are limited, to our thinking. But God is not easily defined, is He? And His ways aren’t ours or limited to someone who uses only 10% of their minds (brains). God forbid! We would be lost and condemned to hell in a hand basket if the Almighty was just a mere man using only 10%, at best…
In the 1970’s and 80’s, I absolutely loved Jan Crouch. She spoke with the most loving christian tone of voice, she cried for the poor, she was beautiful, and she was celebrated onto the TV screen. She was a christian celebrity with her pink puffy hair and her spider eyelashes. I still love the way she was, so bold, and was the epitome of what christian bizarre could be at that time. I love those that push the envelope and make us think beyond our box of God, we formed. Jan did that, and many of us accepted her, the way she presented and admired her. But, why couldn’t she be herself?
I still love Jan Crouch. A more recent picture depicts her real authentic self, as she, is smoking a cigarette and is relaxed and wearing little make-up. Another picture of Jan shows long blond straight hair and she is quite a “looker.” She could turn heads and she looks so much younger than her TV persona. Jan taped into what the TV audience would accept as a leader. Jan was a master deceiver… But, I love her still… She worked the envelope edges to the christian limit and I admired her.
In later years, as a christian, I realized that, if Jan had been her authentic self, than no one, would pay her any attention because she would look “fallen”, and less than godly, and certainly not worthy of the idolization that her TV personality portrayed. We wanted a bigger than life, grander than average, “christian” woman to lead us in how far, we too, could push that envelope.
My point, why do we fellow christians put other christians in a box? Why do we say, if they don’t speak in that overly sweet tone, and say the right phrases and “pat” christian comments, than, “they must not be a christian?” Looking down christian noses and Judging so much. Do they talk the right way? Do they have a soft sweet tone of voice, do they wear clothes that are similar, do they say the same christian lingo, and do they only study what we study?
Furthermore, why do we judge when we have not walked in someone else’s shoes? Is our God not bigger than our perceptions? Does He not see the entire ancestral road? Who do we think we are to wear His shoes. By the way, this is why I use the lower case “c.”
Why am I writing this? Well, I was blasted this morning by well meaning christians with a lower case “c.”
Answer ~ A long continuing story of judgement and why I left “the church” and went to God’s house where He said to me,
“Be authentic” ,,,, “Do not lie about yourself. Take off that horrible dowdy dress, loose the overly sweet phony tone, be who I brought you into the world to be, and any judgement will be between you and ME. Be yourself.”
And, I’m so much happier… <3… Things are between God and I as they are between you and him…

Summer Solstice



Summer Solstice 

Abundance of fruits on summers days
How grateful are we for the sun’s rays
And at Solstice, the height of thanksgiving
Because The Earth we eat sweet melons
The highest northern point on it shines
The zenith point of celebration, god dines
In joy and happiness and praise.
As my ancestors taught about days
Connected to sun, moon and our planet’s life
In bonfires, we observing power and might
Recognizing that all are related to the light
That on June 21st, the longest day
We lift the wine with hands that pray
Honoring our forefathers of covens riches
Druids and Wiccans, warlocks and witches
Tribes of pagans and lonely mystics
Celebrate abundance and births of pagans
Giving thanks where and when god is forgotten

©2016 All Rights Reserved
Written for a contest about Solstice, Druids, witches, etc
Art by me


Lost Girl Angels


Image from photo stock 


Thy child came late May ~ A lovely babe

Always smiled and laughed, until later days

Meanwhile before the days grew dark

Dancing and laughter,  such a spark

She was an angel, that always danced

A perfect child who was advanced

In all her ways, she so enhanced

Our world, of many woes

She perfected life, on her toes

Riding horses without reins

Freedom seen and hurricanes

In perfection, there lies tornadoes

Steamy moods and explosive volcanoes

And ~ that was at thirteen

The perfect child became mean

Angry at so much stuff

The angel child got densely tough

Bulimia, vomiting, anorexia and boys

Our little girl put away her toys

Green hair, blue hair, pink or purple

Piercings, tattoos, drugs in her circle

And she didn’t care what she’d become

She now pranced to her own drum

More drugs, partying, trying girls

My little girls lost her pearls

Left home to move into

A retched boyfriend who

Used her body, used her mind

Put a gun to her head, no longer kind

“Mom, he loves me,” she shouted

However, mom, always doubted

Then, one day, she came home

Angry she was, but he on the rome

Shunned her away, to be alone

But that was alright, doggone

Home until the mood struck

Running off after familiar bad luck

Got in a car accident on wet roads

Someone slipped “Rouffies” before the episodes

Coma, she rested, for about two months

But this was one of her lasts stunts

And God had a different plan

One that halted any other man

From stealing her soul

Angels sent to be on patrol

Guarding the windows and doors and any loopholes

Where angel girls escape God

Hiding because they feel flawed

The wiles of young maidens willy-nilly

He sets them down to the nitty-gritty

Truths that He lends to behold

In beautiful lives he considers gold

Venerable Forest




Looking from a foggy window pane
Onto luscious Sylvan Forests, in the rain
Greens abundantly covered, as they wane
Aromas from earthen cleanliness of terrain

Where behind ancient mountains reign
Meandering for miles, so lazy, as on a slow train
Enjoying our views, daydreaming, so insane
Of how the earth is lovely and must remain

Tranquility came visiting this mountain again
The grand old venerable hills of Spain
Here my heart shall linger and abstain
From wanting to stay, though, I shan’t constrain

How mysterious is that mountain, its a holy domain
Curiously de’jevu visits my cerebral nostalgic brain

BJ @2017

Freeing Butterflies

Photo Stock from Google Wall Paper


Please Don’t Kill The Butterfly


Please, don’t kill the snake

In your phallic development that you hate

Please, don’t kill the sparrow

In your jealousy, you use a bow and arrow

Please, don’t kill a tiger

There lies your destitute fiber

Please, don’t kill the Butterfly

Or jar it on your shelf,

Trapped, their beautiful lives ~ by human waste

Why must humans kill, an innocent life?

Just because they fear

Its innocent, yet significant wildlife ~

Perhaps, there’s a chord of strife?

Putting them on your mantles

Or showing off the magnificence

By taking their gifts, with thundering human knives

Please Don’t Kill The Butterfly




©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

Deception Amongst The Garden



Sweetness and flattery 

Oh, my, I am blushing

Your words sent my heart, excited and flushing

Heat of joy as your delicately chosen words

Has succumbed my ego, for a moment, oh dear.

And, I must admit, I am overcome with your praise

And what may I ask is your intentions, naive ?

Are you mocking me as you steal my songs;

Or are you incredibly disdainful, meandering along?

In life it is clear, you manipulate your foes

Choosing their best for yourself, but not their woes

Woes and foes brought me to this place and fate

And one can’t get around experience and disgrace

But, I’m flattered that you’d steal my poetry, my love

And, I’ll tip my hat to your theft, and bid you, good day…

And, thank you ~ As you’ve made my way ~

Better,  than I deserved… On any given Say (poetry)

An Apology To My Children

This letter is written for a challenge on WordPress and is written to my children..

At times, I can be like this pig

My understanding and definition of an apology:

Thus realizing that an apology gives the apologizer a sense of freedom and perhaps some control, the apology must be written from the humble sense and feeling of sorrow for an act wrongly created over or about a situation, person or animal and Earth.

I say animal because in my past, I wish more often than not, that I had been more attentive and available to the pets feeling. Working often took me away, or my needs to go somewhere or get away from their needs. However, they were always there for me.

Perhaps, I turn my face away from humans that I have rudely shunned or ignored because I held a prejudice towards something about them or their situation. I held a wrong judgement and whom are we to make any kind of decision about anyone, but ourselves?


To my children, and my family,

There, have been times in our lives that I have worried too much, and I have let depression rule my psyche. This feeling and extreme sadness has caused conflicts with your lives and now that you are older, you choose to stay for a while and when you do come, it’s usually a short visit. And then quickly, you must depart. Know that, I don’t blame you. Being around someone who worries all the time and who is depressed often is weighty. The heaviness is something that I have not conquered and no medication has alleviated my dark foggy forest for, very long.

I wish that I could have changed this behavior and if I could have would have taken my magical wand and sprinkled fairy dust over the entire situation and lifetime and would have put smiles on all our faces.

I am sorry for the depression and sadness. I ask you to forgive me and I understand that my apology is not a magic wand that you should change and accept everything ,as new. After all, there is a flood of water under our bridges and it is drained only a bucket at a time…

However, I do want to thank you for reading this letter, and no, it doesn’t make me feel better after writing it, but it does make me know that I have apologized without placing blame on neurotransmitters or my childhood circumstances. Even though, we are products of our past. In trepidation I write, I hope your childhood hasn’t effected your raising of your children and I pray you do not have any sadness or feelings of doom and gloom hanging over you. Your grandmother always told me when I was a child, that I was Chicken Little. Sighing here…

So, right here, I sever with a sword any familiar sadness that could effect you and your futures. I curse it’s roots of despair and feelings of impending doom. In God I trust to send his angels out to make it so…


Know, I love you and are very proud of you.

With much appreciation of you,

Your mother








VOTE NOW! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards NOW OPEN

If you’re interested, as I am… Here The Blogging candidates are to vote on… Enjoy and the best to all the nominees

Sacha Black

VOTE NOWThis is it. The waiting is finally over.

The Bloggers Bash Awards are now open for voting.

We had a HUGE number of nominations, over 350, so thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate.

Voting Closes June 9th at 12pm. The winners will be announced on June 11th at the Bash. If you can’t make it then a winners post will go live at 5:15pm on June 11th.

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Good luck to all the nominees.

Disclaimer: The committee has done their best to coordinate the nominations and to ensure, where possible, we gave nominees a choice of which category they wanted to be in. Due to time constraints and limited resources this may not have always been possible.

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Have You Seen God?


Picture from Google Stock Images..


And, who has met God

Who has seen his face?

The only answer that is right

Is witnessing our Moon at night

When the darkness is contained by its light


And, who knows the mechanism of faith?

Who knows what it looks like?

The only answer that is right

Is to say faith’s present in the bleakest plights

When hope is gone, but prayers belief releases might


And, who knows best but God himself

Who’s face is seen in an orphan child

And all creatures great and small

And God’s character is displayed for all

Whose eyes see beyond an image

Of God himself within the living




©2016 Bonnie jennings. All Rights reserved

Peace, We Ask






Warning voices, harbingers do tell

Chiming the world ringing the bells

At this time, we must unitedly pray


And hope that God answer and not delay

Melodies raise from our songs

Telling him our plights and how we long


For our peace, and a world at rest

The lyricist and poets write the praise

And in unison our voices raise


Then, all angels join our choir

In harmonies from all tongues

Spreading peace, to all, among


The brethren hybrids coming from Adam

Only we can stop the mayhem

Lending each other God’s freedom


Laying down selfish, self serving desires

Applauding brothers, least we admire

Offering our hand, helping the orphan


Tossed on mighty waves our ships

And our ores won’t stop the tips

Of this depth of waters high


Bring Adam closer to Thee on neigh

For’ we are scattered lambs staggering by

Our lives bid lost, as you sigh


At us, dear God, as we are a sojourning mess

Help us, heavens, to be our best



Oh the god of our breath

Will you love us, again, yet

Come, Oh Lord, come again

Forgive our ignorance, every man

And bring peace to our land

Please, most merciful, man’s Lord

Who came to love us as a child

Man was God, who became flesh

Who died to teach us, for our best

Oh, come again, to save us,

from ourselves





©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights reserved


Greens of God’s Earth





I always look into the greens of summer to find peace

Just last week

I went to see my tree

The moss grows


And looking into the moss, I see

Just a forest

Small and delicate

The fairies meadow


I imagined the fairies live there

Standing looking inside

The delicate leaves

There is magic


But, I shall not disturb

Laying my hands

On the wood

I pray for


Closing my eyes and whispering to God who hears

The old tree

Diseased and crumbling

Mercy, I ask


I move on to the next green place of rest

There’s much to

See under canopies

Of God’s earth


Thanking him for all the beauty of the earth



©2016 Bonnie jennings. All Rights Reserved

Picture fro photo stock photos wall art

Their little message friendly says, “HI!” Red Flags


cropped-cropped-img_2205.jpgTheir little message friendly says, “HI!”


Their little message friendly says, “HI!”
On social media, especially FB, I receive many messages from men who say, “HI!”
There are many lonely women and men in our world and they are desperate for a message like this…“HI!” These folks are vulnerable targets.
This is a combobulation of many “Hi’s” that I’ve received. And, the conversation goes like this or close…
The messenger (M) and (Me).
M: HI! **** (By the way, they can still message you even if you’re not friends.)
Me: I look at the “HI!” and decide if I want to play this game. Hmm? I look at their profile and search for their clues whether positive or negative.I return to the messages to their next message.
M: Are you, there?
Me: Hello … (Apprehensively and deciding to play their game, my way, or not. It depends on my mood)
M: Hi, I liked your profile. You are very pretty. (They are overly complimentary. Do not be deceived, they are trained at lying, deceiving and manipulating your lonely emotions.)
Me: (Roll my eyes) Oh, okay. Thank you. (I try to behave as sweetly as possible. You will get the best results and your troller knows this fact very well… )
M: Do you mind if I text you? (The messenger is polite and all sociopath are initially)
Me: I don’t know yet. Will see… (My response. i will not commit to this conversation) BOUNDARIES! Make sure he doesn’t cross yours and be FIRM. Please remember, real friends will understand.)
M: I see you are a nurse.
Me; (this person has done their homework, really? ) Yes, I am. (I’m getting pissed)
M: Oh, you should be proud. What a great profession. (Patronizingly proud for you. He’s doing a good job to bloat your ego. Just LOL to yourself. Be equipped to play this game OR GET OUT!)
Me: Really? How many asses do you like to wipe Mr. M? (Now sarcasm takes over my ego. I need to remain cool and dumb)
M: Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.
Me; Well, then what do you mean? (Put him on the spot. Turn the tables! Put the questions back on the stalker who wants something from me/you).
M: Oh, to serve others. And, the pay is good. (I roll my eyes, big time).
Me: (Notice he immediately brought up the profession and then the $$$$ ?) So, tell me about you, Mr. M?
M: Oh, I’m disabled. Your supposed to feel sorry for him… He’s a sociopath, don’t forget. He lies for his benefit.
Me: Too bad, so am I, and I’ve been looking for a generous wealthy man to take care of me.
(This is where the scammer leads the conversation by saying, “Okay, have a nice day,” or exits without a goodbye.)

Mission accomplished      🙂 

𝐊♣️ at work… 

Good job folks. Remember no one should cross your boundaries… No one…
So here’s my plans and you can participate by:
Challenging others to write about the unwanted social media messages that show up on FB, for one, and often in unwanted emails.
The Challenge will be to explore the messages of the scammers and have fun trying to expose them and also to educate vulnerable people
Explore their pages
Explore their friends
Read everything you can
Be a detective
Snoop out details about their lives where they live
What they do
Most important take screenshots of their messages to you
Let’s meet regularly to discuss, publish, and expose them.
Sound like a plan?


Poetry Before Summer 2016


Slew Foot

Photograph taken by me 2010 using an Apple 4. ©Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

YOU ! 👿

You have been in my dreams.

I have seen your face that’s

alarming.The hideous evil look

of your eyes, made me feel

awful and sick. When young,

you frightened me and I couldn’t

look at you. I pulled the covers

over my head. But, now that

I’ve looked into your face and

seen deep in your eyes ~ well ~

I’m not afraid. You don’t scare

me and guess what? I don’t feel

guilt, nor shame, and looking

at you, there are no doubts that I

am God’s child. So, you can go

away, lest you waste your time.

You can kill me, you can curse me,

You can make me jump hoops

and place boils on my body, and

you can make me hated, you could

do many things to my mind or body

but, you have no power over my

mind. You’ve tried in the past to harm

my bloodline, and you were a fair

foe, but it’s over now. You must now

go, I’m not a looser, and here I stand.

Go away, growl somewhere else,

and by the way, don’t let the door, hit

you on your bulbous red ass……  👅



A Golden Summers Bridge

There walking on golden sand under

an amber sun strolling, thinking, singing

Just simply alone and loving it

Isn’t life good and perfectly created

for you and all who dwell

in this heaven, made for us



The Dark Angel Watches


Seeing candidly and hiding veracity, she

whispers truths perceived by witnessing

and cautiously watches from under feathers

wings of an angel who tethers

between dusk to dawn to assist

Should she speak of whats discerned

Hush! Do not talk so loudly

One never knows, who’s listening intently

wanting no more than to sow

bad seeds, scattering them here, there

Look! Don’t look. Do not see

Hide your mouth, pray your eyes

not tattle on you, she watches

unfailingly, so best be at peace

The darkness assigned angels to peek



Winter Nymph


Nodding off whilst the summer moon is nigh

The Earth Nymph rests from her winter works

The full moon so radiantly bright awakens dreams

Of blue lights shinning on winter’s snow

Hoping soon the vibrant energies halt their play

For tis time to rest and sleep before the harvest

Pulling into her coldness she graces hibernation

And soon closes her eyes for the rest of gestation




All poems are ™ and ©2016 Bonnie Jennings

Poetry was written for challenges on A Poet’s Haven

The art is from photo stock collection @ Google Free wallet art

Some art is by me

Urdu For Mom



Here lies a book of poems, a photo, left in amber hues

A glass of Brandy left by a human way to soon

Once read and drunk in a golden age with her

And the golden age was a mere story, she amused


The dusty book opened there held an old picture

The Brandy aroma still lingers, the picture captures

The dark haired gent and a lovely redhead

A sultry smile she donned and he caught in raptures



©2016 Urdu Written For Mom.. Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved