Yellow Tabbies


Yellow Tabbies

Sometimes, I think of you
My thoughts can’t be helped
I know you want me to move on
But, the memories just won’t stop
Time, so they say, will heal the wounds
Until time moves forward, until then
My heart remembers your purrs
Your fluffy white, yellowed fur
Your eyes of emerald green
The smell of your danders
Lingers within my dreams
But, tonight my friend. I bid you goodbye
Perhaps, in my sleep, I’ll hear you meow
And, tomorrow is another step, away from you
So, you may rest from my longings, my friend
And I can bid your soul adieu
And Amen ~ All is well.

© 8/17/15 Bonnie Jennings Missing Atlie

Ali, my sons cat Atlie who disappeared the 29th of June, 2015
Bops is still here with me. ❤

13 thoughts on “Yellow Tabbies

          1. I’m doing ok. Raining here in my neck of the woods. My four legged friend laying next to me. 🙂 I’m cleaning up my site a bit..putting a post together for tomorrow and visiting blogs at the same time. Hope all is well with you.

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            1. Great to here from you… We’re preparing for another rain tonight… Glad you’re writing a lot. I must find the time for WP. Had some poetry blocks lately… You take care, and I will chat soon…

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