Poetry Spring 2016



Heaven was witnessed on her mind

Her light blue eyes glistened the sky

Bravery and courage she had shown

A warrior who overcame adversity

Oh, how she awaited this moment

To return home to her place in heaven

There she would be welcomed home

With arms open and dancers parading

Her name chanted by ancestors of old

Welcome girl! Glad to see you again

Your home, and the war is now over




Reading the feather and how it fell

Saw the signs speaking of a trip afar

Fearing leaving home and the boy again

Fought the visions and the message read

But, she must follow the path before her

Saying goodbye was almost intolerable

“Could I be wrong?” So she asked self

Never before have the readings lied

She packed her bags and bid goodbye

To human desires and set to the sky


Grim it all seemed, Reaper stood

Over the woman in her dreams

Was he real or an illusion

Did the raven caw surreally here

The souls imagination where we travel

Threatening and foreboding the ghost appeared

More than she could bare knowing

Her time and place of death

“But why? I’ve not lived enough.

Please, tell me now?” She bemoaned

The ghoul who stood before her

Begging for mercy and extra time

“I promise,” she promised, “to do,

What’s right, to feed children cold

And alone, and help the widow

And offer my home.” Grim Reaper

Vanished before she awakened, left her

With one impression. To love everything

More than self. And to love

God, before choosing to love oneself.

There must be a way out

Trapped for forty years, still waiting


Won’t someone free me from this

Are you trapped in this abyss

Fr. Francois for whom, you think

The cobblestones fit together, you see

The lamp, in time, cast explanations

And Fr. then you shall know

Then, you shall know my father



She had green green sequined eyes

Her lips plumb red as apples

She told them what to do

They held me down, I paralyzed

Licking, spitting, vulgar, suffer yellowed breath

Eyes so compelling you know death

Vicious and hateful words bullying me

They tried their seductions first but ~

I wasn’t participating in devilish games

Reading my mind, acting out hidden

Thoughts so private, and non of

Their business. They laugh like hyenas

In all of their glory. Beautiful

Sides of evil in demonic form

Stealing dignity intentionally because they can

They paralyze minds and your hands

Holding down their nightly sleeping victims

Using their actions to cause dread

Guilt and shame because you enjoyed

Being raped by their suggestions bold

And when they leave the room

Everything is as if they weren’t

And only a figure of a vivid

Imagination, now left raped and dismayed

The raven transformed to the man

Visually beholding an angel or devil

Trusting, the form standing before me

Should I, could I, trust such a devil

As Succubus


The thunder rolls in over head banging

Severe weather warning, hail and tornado

Possibilities of Mother Nature being angered

The power flickers on and off, she thinking

Clasps of symbols with rolling percussions

Rain, rain hitting the pavement and clay

Trees blowing every which away

Brilliant lights above enormous lay

Across the trees lower than clouds

The power unleaded is of no surprise

Tessla love is a flashing bride

And the bird sings during the storm



Who is not a victim and where does blame end?

Is it not a cycle that perplexes man

Who’s finger points the last
Who’s voices screams of the past
Louder and angrier into the myst
And who hears the cries of the mad
who comforts with arms that fold
Who will hear the court of tears
Who blames the parent for the tears
And generations come and pass
With the index finger pointing at the mass
Of DNA repeating the traits
Of mothers, fathers and the genes
And where shall blame end in a world of the crazed
Pills popping, and wine that flows
Hoping relief finds a soul
And gives mankind heaven with superficial means
Will we find answers before we leave
Isn’t heaven found with past resolutions
forgiving our ancestors for their “sins”
Leaving Earth in one piece
And entering rest where our spirits sleep
eternal in the arms of comfort
Becoming our god in arms he lends us
Offering the suckling of his babes
Resting eternally beyond our graves



Went to the shrink today

He said forget love

Your too wounded to participate

Years to make you heal

I cried a little, but he was right

And realized time is long

~ And it is short

To perfect a broken heart



Years have passed since being small

And shadows played games on the wall

Slept with one eye open all night

A child in bed filled with fright

And what does this mean to the old

And how can God heal a soul

Will it be in one lifetime

I doubt the darkness reflections

Will find light in one life

And that is why God gives us a few

Love of souls He grants pardons

And in forgiveness we allow all others

To be themselves in their pain

He gives us mercy so that we gain

An entrance into a peaceful place

Into heaven for ever in grace

A Cinquain



Do you hear songs?

Sophia hums her tunes

Bow in reverence she has come


A child seeker sought and erroneous assumption

That he read from a tale of Egyptian mummies

And, by night, the child saw beyond what man wondered

Putting two and two together, and at school he slumbered

And the Hieroglyphs and holograms came alive and then his room began to thunder

Some thought the boy was strange and they murmured

And parents felt their child was rudely out numbered

But all that he wanted is to sit and ponder

And view the nightly visions in awe an unencumbered



In my hands, I hold

A tiny creature, God’s gift

Take flight, little bird



Purple and Lilac

A magical path observed

The crown of glory


Wine Bread and Brie


Romantic inspiration a god worth knowing

Thinking ahead, he a poet, certain

Brie and bread and wine shared

A wine opener, a block of wood

However, no poetry book to lure

No, the verses, he has memorized

Does he woo all maidens alike

Or am I specially cared for?

Was I only, in his mind?

Has he done this before now?

Oh, never mind, I will enjoy



She a fairy from the Lilies

Dancing demurely on the pads

Singing her songs of happiness

Hiding from the elves

It is very simply a beautiful day

What could be better than florals on display

A white long cotton dress to lay

Amongst the romance written in play

Wearing her straw while daydreaming

Embracing fictitious lovers rolling in the hay



Futility what goes around comes around 

The cats killed a bird in the house hence

One cat has been missing since

Found money and spent it in May, then lost my purse the very next day

Said something awful about a “friend.”

They died, found out yesterday

Ate too much food recently

Gained weight thinking I wouldn’t, you see

Drove 5 miles over the speed limit and was issued a speeding ticket; grimaced

White sugar was added to my cookies and I was supposed to use brown and because of my disobedience I won’t wear a cookie crown

I never listened to my parents

My children do the same to me and will the cycle be broken or will lifetime lessons continue until karma is stopped by me

And our circle goes round and round and we blame the devil you see, because pointing a finger at something else is easy to use, than to see

Escaping truths we’re thinking of hiding though everyone can see, is lame and silly and nonproductive

As it continues our tormenting reaping and carries on our endless futilities and halting our desires to run to God

We label it human beings and flawed from the beginning of timer and continue with excuses that it’s my sinful nature,

So much for that attempt to stop thus continues by physics the hands of Karma time




2 sonnets about FIRE written for a contest



Fires burn waste and fire burns home

Igniting the ugly and the lovely the same

Roaring flames take lives and leave alone

Extinguishing for earth’s sake though lingers pain

Formerly were lives that mattered

And cats and dogs who once were brothers

And a place that stood not at all battered

Those children and grannies and significant others

But, the death of memories will vaguely play

The visions were given to strengthen souls

And will prevail on that final day

When man and beast enter heaven or Scheol    

What matters is that all senses do see

Living through fires, lessons well taught to thee.


Figuratively there is good and there bad

Intuitively we know there is high paths and low

Rewarding goodness not hatefulness when so sad

Eliminating love, the thief comes to take what you know

And there are consequences for each choice made

Children who wander lives without a mother nor a dad

Destitute families who’s last night never laid

Unless a miracle occurs their lives will be bad

So, in the course of  suffering and destitution

Come magnificent family courage and strength

And some how a divine illumination 

Causes a peaceful rand caring restitution

And the answers come often Cath end of time

But, looking back, They’re know more blind 




Sight, auditory, feeling, tasting, olfactory, intuition

Scenery, music, velvet, Gumbo, Bergamot, insight

Mountains, Chopin, purple, Creole, candles, foresight

Waves, violins, sensual, cayenne, fire, knowing

Listen, emotions, reverberates, warmth, seeing

Silence, guts, vibes, tingles, fuzzies, yes

Hearing, internal, resonates, spirit, smiles, peace

Blind, deaf, heightened, knowing, fearful, imagines


Writer’s Block

Watching the cat watch a lizard

Resting the mind from empathetic thoughts

Relaxing quietly without caffeine or coffee

Filling self station, watching, noticing, noting

Perhaps the visions will soon impart

And the writer assumes for stance

On a red chair for today

Red Rose 

I want to eat you

Wear you

Roll in you

Smell your sweetness

Lie on your pedals

and then ~

Put you where you belong

In my vase….

There you shall fade to Tea Red

And I’ll then press you

In my book



Daughter and son

Perhaps this is the moment that I have been created for 


Now is the moment I am

Now is the breath I take

Given only one moment to be

The greatest creations I must see

Without a vision a life perishes

Lord give me the best dream

That you have long gifted me

Help me to know it’s you

Not me



The DNA is difficult to hide

Make-up can not hide dark irises

The large elongated folds of skin

Make her mysteriously sought by them

She is a hybrid human woman

She tries to cloak her realities

And only the ones who know

She’s hiding their secrets from men




A crow sat perched just waiting

Waiting for me to come home

Beholding a message incredibly daunting

Serenely sitting watching for careless thoughts

Directing wisdoms of Earths my way

Always there in the worst situations

There to guide the lost this way

I followed the fowl from drowning

From amidst tears of future dismay

Biding life time though a sinner

It’s caws provoked shrills of discomfort

I hated that bird of prey

However, I bid the creature’s due

And, prayed that I be loosed

From the accusations of birds judgment

Shutting my doors from its bothers


Avariciously she wanted to be a poetess

Cryptic colloquial eloquent words possessed

Often elusive eschewed from the theme

Limericks and rhymes avoiding etymology means

She an emissary of exonerated poetry banned

Refused extrication to facilitate an easy read

Hoped the fallowed grounds would lead the thieves

Foolhardily challenged the spies of poetry

Used furtive and feasible ingenious loquacious words

For the myopic poet seeing past opaque platitudes

A potentate poetess unconstrained by rules

Made a prudent decision of quiescent raconteur


The timorous young woman without any means

Observed scant observations of her apparent world

A sense of rectitude despite the rancid rooms

Holding profoundly laud regarding the state of penury

Perhaps, she myopic to any morose situations

A genius idiosyncrasy to others observations

Reading her books extraneous to any interpretations

Choosing eruditions to edify accusing disdains

Definitively making her way, condoning opinions

The cantankerous say.

Escaping reality with ambivalent

Articulate assents by way of academic astute ebullience


Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake moved the skaters

Their footwork perfectly embraced the music

There was no audience to applaud

But, two hearts melted like gold

The dance, the music, their embrace

All together molded into one execution

Likened to two flames on ice


Elysia and Jacob

Oh, my Evangeline, what my dear?

What is it you wish Angie?

Are you hiding a secret, yes?

What should you dare to say?

Your eyes seem like deep oceans

The foliage adorns your fragile physique

Oh my child how I love

My sweet darling child Angie, Evangeline




He was a proper dandy and at times pompous; however, she was enthralled by his often winsome enormous balderdash unique physique.



Haiku 5-7-5

Dreaming of flying

Soaring to Elysium

Riding Butterflies 

Gentlemans assit

Chivalry is not deadly

His touch is magic

A full Moon tonight

Contemplating on he ledge

Small are we to ask

Oneness to The Earth

The Star, The sky, The Earth are

Congruently; One





A Witches Spell

Cast upon my lover

Eyes that see as I hover

Think I’m not, watching your lover?

Hair of blond

Lips so pink

You two humans shall drink this drink

And the tides shall take you away

Departed forever in just a day

And nothing can stop the curse I cast

Lest my lover return without that cat



In Elysium

Butterfly taxis transport

All is surreal in heaven

Blissfully gliding




Often, when she had a question

She visited shores, often when beckoned

There quietly sitting inviting his presence

Sat on a dune whispering, James

When time was right and pleasant

James came swinging with a lantern

There the two sat conversing wisdom

Showing her life and mysteries hidden

Sally listened intently to his tales

Honestly delivered as James spoke

Giving all she needed to know

And Sally fell into deep sleep

When she awakened, James had disappeared


That’s all for now


@Bonnie Gay Jennings, or Bonnie Jennings or Boondoggling with Bojenn @Wordpress 2013 to present 2016 ~

*Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Bonnie (Gay) Jennings, or Bojenn with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Thank you

Some of the pictures are my own and some have been used from Free Images Google and wish that I had names to attribute such wonderful images..

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  1. This is great! Kind of how i, well am trying to right. I don’t know, I really believe that women have a more expressive and openness than men do. This is kind of a prophetic spiritual warfare, intercessory warrior of poetic valiance.. love it.. you write some deep great material. Very prophetic words…

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