I Am An Empath…. This is what it feels like


Jo Jo who returned to Heaven July 20, 2015. Jo Jo came to me in a dream last night.



On Earth, I have come to the conclusion that, people fall into two groups. Empaths, those that feel often too much and is painful, and those that have no feelings for man or animals.

In my own life, I feel the pain of animals more than humans and perhaps, that is protective because humans will hurt someone or an animal, if necessary or not necessary, but an animal is different as they hunt for food only or they are rabid or diseased. Even the dreadful alligator is included. Cats are different and act from their adrenal glands having flight, fright and fire in operation much of the time. Some empaths feel humans more than animals and such… Some even feel plant life. There have been a few times that I have felt plant life.

This may sound crazy to some, but not to an empath, and an empath knows the depth of feelings. So, having said that, here goes, when I pass a deceased animal, on a road (or wherever), I suddenly have their feelings. I suddenly know their pain of separation, often too soon, from their families. I feel them. I know what their crying and saying. Often, I have cried too after feeling their pains. I have them visit me in dreams. They speak to me.

Many of you understand what I feel because you feel to this depth, as well. The ability to feel to this extent is often a horrible gift because, and if you’ll imagine with me, driving down roads where animals have died by tires of cars. It is there, you feel their pain. Or seeing an animal shot to death by a hunter, that too, I feel. An empath hears the thud, the gunshot, the weapon of death. An empath feels the fast separation of body and spirit. An empath hears the dog cry. It knows the doe often cries for the stag or its young. The empath feels the bewilderment that the animal feels. The animal will stay with their decaying body until its almost gone from the vultures and further hits. The dogs spirit will come into the presence and ask questions. It will be crying. It doesn’t understand anything but love.

When a dog is killed, it never blames the person. Did you know that? Even a person that tortured them, do they ever accuse or blame. A dog just loves and the dog that returns tortured will go through a healing process past death, but they will return to that loving spirit. A dog when it dies suddenly, asks, “Why, why now, why me, what about those I love?” A cat, if they are hunting when death occurs has extreme adrenalin; however, it doesn’t long for the loved ones behind, it is still hunting after death and tries to find the next prey and seldom longs for the ones that owned it (unless it has been indoor and has learned civilization).

These things I know by being an empath. Being an empath is a hard gift from God.

This is why, I am a strong advocate of animal rights. Animals feel folks. They have families different than our family structure, but nonetheless, they too are connected to their functioning structures of family and species habits…

It is because of the many pictures seen on FB and other social media, I say these things. I can’t tolerate seeing the animal abuse throughout the world.

God said in The Bible, The last will be first in heaven, and I believe that includes our gifts of animals.

He also said, those who live by the sword will die by the sword. This is the physical law of reaping and sewing and or karma… This isn’t a threat, but it is indeed, a fact.

I write these words with this with a heaviness in spirit and heart for our animal friends and gifts..

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2 thoughts on “I Am An Empath…. This is what it feels like

  1. Aww I am an animal lover and I can’t understand someone abusing an innocent animal or person for that matter. I can’t imagine going thru various emotions as you do when you pass by a dead animal. It must be exhausting.

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    1. This post came from pictures of trophy murderers on FB and such…. It provoked a sadness and a need to speak out for the animals. As far as hearing the animals sometimes I have to excuse myself from hearing them. I have found my job is to pray for their peace and help return them to their resting spot in heaven. I have to explain to them, what has happened to them, and telling them they must go home now. yes, if I let them, it would be exhausting, but I guess it depends on how busy I am and if I can pat attention or not… I’m not like a crazy persons who hears their voices all day, but when in the right spot of mind and peace, do hear them….

      I’m so glad that you too are an animal lover. You probably do some of the same towards them and maybe you know what they’re feeling, as well…

      Thanks for visiting me today…

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