Poetry Before Summer 2016


Slew Foot

Photograph taken by me 2010 using an Apple 4. ©Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

YOU ! 👿

You have been in my dreams.

I have seen your face that’s

alarming.The hideous evil look

of your eyes, made me feel

awful and sick. When young,

you frightened me and I couldn’t

look at you. I pulled the covers

over my head. But, now that

I’ve looked into your face and

seen deep in your eyes ~ well ~

I’m not afraid. You don’t scare

me and guess what? I don’t feel

guilt, nor shame, and looking

at you, there are no doubts that I

am God’s child. So, you can go

away, lest you waste your time.

You can kill me, you can curse me,

You can make me jump hoops

and place boils on my body, and

you can make me hated, you could

do many things to my mind or body

but, you have no power over my

mind. You’ve tried in the past to harm

my bloodline, and you were a fair

foe, but it’s over now. You must now

go, I’m not a looser, and here I stand.

Go away, growl somewhere else,

and by the way, don’t let the door, hit

you on your bulbous red ass……  👅



A Golden Summers Bridge

There walking on golden sand under

an amber sun strolling, thinking, singing

Just simply alone and loving it

Isn’t life good and perfectly created

for you and all who dwell

in this heaven, made for us



The Dark Angel Watches


Seeing candidly and hiding veracity, she

whispers truths perceived by witnessing

and cautiously watches from under feathers

wings of an angel who tethers

between dusk to dawn to assist

Should she speak of whats discerned

Hush! Do not talk so loudly

One never knows, who’s listening intently

wanting no more than to sow

bad seeds, scattering them here, there

Look! Don’t look. Do not see

Hide your mouth, pray your eyes

not tattle on you, she watches

unfailingly, so best be at peace

The darkness assigned angels to peek



Winter Nymph


Nodding off whilst the summer moon is nigh

The Earth Nymph rests from her winter works

The full moon so radiantly bright awakens dreams

Of blue lights shinning on winter’s snow

Hoping soon the vibrant energies halt their play

For tis time to rest and sleep before the harvest

Pulling into her coldness she graces hibernation

And soon closes her eyes for the rest of gestation




All poems are ™ and ©2016 Bonnie Jennings

Poetry was written for challenges on A Poet’s Haven

The art is from photo stock collection @ Google Free wallet art

Some art is by me

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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