Their little message friendly says, “HI!” Red Flags


cropped-cropped-img_2205.jpgTheir little message friendly says, “HI!”


Their little message friendly says, “HI!”
On social media, especially FB, I receive many messages from men who say, “HI!”
There are many lonely women and men in our world and they are desperate for a message like this…“HI!” These folks are vulnerable targets.
This is a combobulation of many “Hi’s” that I’ve received. And, the conversation goes like this or close…
The messenger (M) and (Me).
M: HI! **** (By the way, they can still message you even if you’re not friends.)
Me: I look at the “HI!” and decide if I want to play this game. Hmm? I look at their profile and search for their clues whether positive or negative.I return to the messages to their next message.
M: Are you, there?
Me: Hello … (Apprehensively and deciding to play their game, my way, or not. It depends on my mood)
M: Hi, I liked your profile. You are very pretty. (They are overly complimentary. Do not be deceived, they are trained at lying, deceiving and manipulating your lonely emotions.)
Me: (Roll my eyes) Oh, okay. Thank you. (I try to behave as sweetly as possible. You will get the best results and your troller knows this fact very well… )
M: Do you mind if I text you? (The messenger is polite and all sociopath are initially)
Me: I don’t know yet. Will see… (My response. i will not commit to this conversation) BOUNDARIES! Make sure he doesn’t cross yours and be FIRM. Please remember, real friends will understand.)
M: I see you are a nurse.
Me; (this person has done their homework, really? ) Yes, I am. (I’m getting pissed)
M: Oh, you should be proud. What a great profession. (Patronizingly proud for you. He’s doing a good job to bloat your ego. Just LOL to yourself. Be equipped to play this game OR GET OUT!)
Me: Really? How many asses do you like to wipe Mr. M? (Now sarcasm takes over my ego. I need to remain cool and dumb)
M: Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.
Me; Well, then what do you mean? (Put him on the spot. Turn the tables! Put the questions back on the stalker who wants something from me/you).
M: Oh, to serve others. And, the pay is good. (I roll my eyes, big time).
Me: (Notice he immediately brought up the profession and then the $$$$ ?) So, tell me about you, Mr. M?
M: Oh, I’m disabled. Your supposed to feel sorry for him… He’s a sociopath, don’t forget. He lies for his benefit.
Me: Too bad, so am I, and I’ve been looking for a generous wealthy man to take care of me.
(This is where the scammer leads the conversation by saying, “Okay, have a nice day,” or exits without a goodbye.)

Mission accomplished      🙂 

𝐊♣️ at work… 

Good job folks. Remember no one should cross your boundaries… No one…
So here’s my plans and you can participate by:
Challenging others to write about the unwanted social media messages that show up on FB, for one, and often in unwanted emails.
The Challenge will be to explore the messages of the scammers and have fun trying to expose them and also to educate vulnerable people
Explore their pages
Explore their friends
Read everything you can
Be a detective
Snoop out details about their lives where they live
What they do
Most important take screenshots of their messages to you
Let’s meet regularly to discuss, publish, and expose them.
Sound like a plan?


2 thoughts on “Their little message friendly says, “HI!” Red Flags

  1. Good work! I hate scammers! We men get them too. It is pathetic they use “stock photos” of models (usually teenage looking girls) as their avatar. The message is almost always the same.

    I play games with them too, especially when I’m bored and/or tired. I had one ask me where I was from, “Missouri” I replied (I’m not BTW) “She” then said “Oh I love Missouri, I grew up there!”, “Really?” I replied “Can you tell which of these cities is the capitol of Missouri? A: St. Louis, B: Kansas City or C: Missouri City?” There was no response for like 25 minutes, in fact I forgot that a scammer was bother me. I was doing something else when the messenger signal chimed with the answer “It is Missouri City of course Dear.” (They always call me Dear for some weird ass reason) My reply was “Oh you are so full of shit! Do your homework dude! You’re not a white girl from MO you’re an African scammer from Nigeria! Consider yourself Reported, Blocked and Deleted!” They generally leave me alone for a couple months after I do something like that to them.

    Thank you for fighting these bastards! I really enjoyed reading this!


    FYI, Missouri City is a small bedroom community south of Houston, Texas, about 800 miles from the capital of Missouri!

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