Peace, We Ask


Warning voices, harbingers do tell

Chiming the world ringing the bells

At this time, we must unitedly pray

And hope that God answer and not delay

Melodies raise from our songs

Telling him our plights and how we long

For our peace, and a world at rest

The lyricist and poets write the praise

And in unison our voices raise

Then, all angels join our choir

In harmonies from all tongues

Spreading peace, to all, among

The brethren hybrids coming from Adam

Only we can stop the mayhem

Lending each other God’s freedom

Laying down selfish, self serving desires

Applauding brothers, least we admire

Offering our hand, helping the orphan

Tossed on mighty waves our ships

And our ores won’t stop the tips

Of this depth of waters high

Bring Adam closer to Thee on neigh

For’ we are scattered lambs staggering by

Our lives bid lost, as you sigh

At us, dear God, as we are a sojourning mess

Help us, heavens, to be our best


Oh the god of our breath

Will you love us, again, yet

Come, Oh Lord, come again

Forgive our ignorance, every man

And bring peace to our land

Please, most merciful, man’s Lord

Who came to love us as a child

Man was God, who became flesh

Who died to teach us, for our best

Oh, come again, to save us,

from ourselves

©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights reserved

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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