Lost Girl Angels


Image from photo stock 


Thy child came late May ~ A lovely babe

Always smiled and laughed, until later days

Meanwhile before the days grew dark

Dancing and laughter,  such a spark

She was an angel, that always danced

A perfect child who was advanced

In all her ways, she so enhanced

Our world, of many woes

She perfected life, on her toes

Riding horses without reins

Freedom seen and hurricanes

In perfection, there lies tornadoes

Steamy moods and explosive volcanoes

And ~ that was at thirteen

The perfect child became mean

Angry at so much stuff

The angel child got densely tough

Bulimia, vomiting, anorexia and boys

Our little girl put away her toys

Green hair, blue hair, pink or purple

Piercings, tattoos, drugs in her circle

And she didn’t care what she’d become

She now pranced to her own drum

More drugs, partying, trying girls

My little girls lost her pearls

Left home to move into

A retched boyfriend who

Used her body, used her mind

Put a gun to her head, no longer kind

“Mom, he loves me,” she shouted

However, mom, always doubted

Then, one day, she came home

Angry she was, but he on the rome

Shunned her away, to be alone

But that was alright, doggone

Home until the mood struck

Running off after familiar bad luck

Got in a car accident on wet roads

Someone slipped “Rouffies” before the episodes

Coma, she rested, for about two months

But this was one of her lasts stunts

And God had a different plan

One that halted any other man

From stealing her soul

Angels sent to be on patrol

Guarding the windows and doors and any loopholes

Where angel girls escape God

Hiding because they feel flawed

The wiles of young maidens willy-nilly

He sets them down to the nitty-gritty

Truths that He lends to behold

In beautiful lives he considers gold

2 thoughts on “Lost Girl Angels

  1. What a well written beautiful poem. Your poem tugged at my heart strings. Your poem is much like chamber music with layer upon layer of detail that causes one to reflect which is what all good poets all good poems achieve. Your poem does just that, write on please write on.

    Liked by 2 people

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