Summer Solstice



Summer Solstice 

Abundance of fruits on summers days
How grateful are we for the sun’s rays
And at Solstice, the height of thanksgiving
Because The Earth we eat sweet melons
The highest northern point on it shines
The zenith point of celebration, god dines
In joy and happiness and praise.
As my ancestors taught about days
Connected to sun, moon and our planet’s life
In bonfires, we observing power and might
Recognizing that all are related to the light
That on June 21st, the longest day
We lift the wine with hands that pray
Honoring our forefathers of covens riches
Druids and Wiccans, warlocks and witches
Tribes of pagans and lonely mystics
Celebrate abundance and births of pagans
Giving thanks where and when god is forgotten

©2016 All Rights Reserved
Written for a contest about Solstice, Druids, witches, etc
Art by me


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