Christian Flaws… We judge, we judge, we judge


I love, Jan


My Editorial today…

I am a christian (with a lower case c)
The lower case “c” is used just because ~
Please, let’s not point fingers, accuse, speak evil to or disdain someone because they don’t fit into your christian mold.
What is a christian? We all have our beliefs often within the boundaries of our denomination, and our personal experiences. The best answer, other than believing in The Son of God is Yeshua, the second answer is to imitate his life. That is simple enough, but when we feel we have the right to condemn and send, to hell, others, because our perceptions are different, then we act as a god and have not the mind of a loving God. Remembering that people burned at the stake, for being “witches,” because christians lacked understanding. The unknown is feared. The mind of Christ can’t operate in fear. Fear kills, and destroys that which is incorrectly discerned. As an example, we still kill harmless snakes, out of fear. I might ask, is the killing of such a creature as the snake accomplished because ~ why? What is it about the snake that causes such anxiety that one wants to kill it? The answer is simple ~ fear or fears of the unknown kill snakes, animals and sometimes others. Perhaps, it is not an actual killing or murdering of, a human or animal, but it is a torturing, a name calling, a poking, a prodding, a disgracing of, gossiping of, saying horrible things of, etc etc etc… You see the point, and all because, it is a lack of understanding of that which one feared.
And, what bothers me the most, are the qualities we put on people because of our denominational boundaries and ideals of whom God is (to the perceiver) and are limited, to our thinking. But God is not easily defined, is He? And His ways aren’t ours or limited to someone who uses only 10% of their minds (brains). God forbid! We would be lost and condemned to hell in a hand basket if the Almighty was just a mere man using only 10%, at best…
In the 1970’s and 80’s, I absolutely loved Jan Crouch. She spoke with the most loving christian tone of voice, she cried for the poor, she was beautiful, and she was celebrated onto the TV screen. She was a christian celebrity with her pink puffy hair and her spider eyelashes. I still love the way she was, so bold, and was the epitome of what christian bizarre could be at that time. I love those that push the envelope and make us think beyond our box of God, we formed. Jan did that, and many of us accepted her, the way she presented and admired her. But, why couldn’t she be herself?
I still love Jan Crouch. A more recent picture depicts her real authentic self, as she, is smoking a cigarette and is relaxed and wearing little make-up. Another picture of Jan shows long blond straight hair and she is quite a “looker.” She could turn heads and she looks so much younger than her TV persona. Jan taped into what the TV audience would accept as a leader. Jan was a master deceiver… But, I love her still… She worked the envelope edges to the christian limit and I admired her.
In later years, as a christian, I realized that, if Jan had been her authentic self, than no one, would pay her any attention because she would look “fallen”, and less than godly, and certainly not worthy of the idolization that her TV personality portrayed. We wanted a bigger than life, grander than average, “christian” woman to lead us in how far, we too, could push that envelope.
My point, why do we fellow christians put other christians in a box? Why do we say, if they don’t speak in that overly sweet tone, and say the right phrases and “pat” christian comments, than, “they must not be a christian?” Looking down christian noses and Judging so much. Do they talk the right way? Do they have a soft sweet tone of voice, do they wear clothes that are similar, do they say the same christian lingo, and do they only study what we study?
Furthermore, why do we judge when we have not walked in someone else’s shoes? Is our God not bigger than our perceptions? Does He not see the entire ancestral road? Who do we think we are to wear His shoes. By the way, this is why I use the lower case “c.”
Why am I writing this? Well, I was blasted this morning by well meaning christians with a lower case “c.”
Answer ~ A long continuing story of judgement and why I left “the church” and went to God’s house where He said to me,
“Be authentic” ,,,, “Do not lie about yourself. Take off that horrible dowdy dress, loose the overly sweet phony tone, be who I brought you into the world to be, and any judgement will be between you and ME. Be yourself.”
And, I’m so much happier… <3… Things are between God and I as they are between you and him…

2 thoughts on “Christian Flaws… We judge, we judge, we judge

  1. I believe God wants all of us to be our authentic self’s; there would probably be less trouble in the world if we did. You have a good philosophy there. Our perceptions and judgments can become god, and that is unfair to both us and God.

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    1. What a wonderful “philosophy” you stated, “Our perceptions and judgments can become god, and that is unfair to both us and God.” When we tangle with others pushing our truths, we get ahead of God. We don’t allow Him to be sovereign, even if, we lack insight or understanding of where a person is coming from… Good perception, Doug… Thank you

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