Dropping Jaw Poetry

Half past two: “BANG!” Thunder rolling, post, the lights
Insomnia now, made coffee, drank, to bed again, no frights
Boom! Vibrations of my bed, but still, there's nothing to dread
Just another thunderstorm experienced, from my bed
Three-AM. So quiet now, but wait! There stood a grey man
“Oh, no! Not you again.” Questioning, but he insisted his hand
And, like before, there is no choice, and off and away, we went
Parallel to the earth and up over heaven, so while flying; I repent.
And, as before, so many times, entering the mothership, are my kind
Some sleeping, some playing cards, some in surgery, Oh, my crazy mind!
Surely a dream, so, I ask, and no one answers, but vacantly stares, in fact.
“You, know the answers,” from within my mind, thus seeing, my body, intact
And, there I was, on mother’s ship, for several hours, plus more
Suddenly, my alarm echoes seven, from under covers; wondering, dreaming lore?
Got ready for work, with bags under eyes, disheveled, from astrums' soar 
To somewhere  else ~ that I've traveled, innumerable light years before

©2016 Raining and Thundering Tonight. Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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