He Gave Them Power

We are almost fully into The Age of Aquarius
Poem written Crown Couplets


The golden calf of Taurus reigned 8000 years ago
Then Aries entered sacrificing lambs and rams for quid pro quo
Thus secrets inhibited Piscean Age and governments did overthrow
‘Twas then, a savior born, midst those turbulent chiliads years
However, orbiting Suns journey leaves Pisces when Aquarius nears
On the Vernal Equinox 2000 A.D. Is five degrees Pisces, but soon to leave
The cusp of Aquarius patiently awaits the Sun’s visit gallantly to please
And the Sun rest in Aquarius for 2000 years offering peace for humanity
Teaching scientific breakthroughs, lending hands, setting free insanity
We have two thousand years before our Sun exits towards Capricorn Age
Sharing altruism, while in the eleventh house, the humanitarian stage

©K♣️ 2016 All Rights Reserved
Bonnie Jennings soul collage art by Bonnie Jennings167841_1285264668960_5791919_n

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