A Deluge of Water

A Deluge


Held by a dungeon of torrential rain
It resounded like a quarrel outside
It was an argle-bargle of earth, rain and wind
It blew patterns of a boustrophedon
Being cantankerous from the brouhaha
I took my bumbershoot to the door
The umbrella became discombobulated
The nonsensical wind blew it inside out
A melee of rain furbellfwed my face
A gardylool hadn’t been announced
Thus a television gonzo weather reporter
A nincompoop on the matters of meteorology
And I a smellfungus, thought no sun would shine
But, somewhere near I heard a turdiform, A Lark?
To my amazement a vomiter shown from above
The Earth smelled dank mud, spores and green grass
It was petrichor to a doubting Thomas
Was I to trust the rays and Lark?
But, the smell of dew from the downpour
Meh, on the other hand, gloom and doom
Have always been my very best friend




©2016 Bonnie Jennings K♣️All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “A Deluge of Water

  1. what a wonderful poem. You have a a very playful way with words besides being so magically evocative in it’s imagery. ( Sorry I haven’t been around in awhile, I slowed down in the blogosphere for awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

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