Bojenn’s excersises on writing Intuitive Poetry

I am facilitating an instruction on a FB page called A Poet’s Haven hosted by Alan Boles.  To participate you will need to join the group. This is my explanation for the exercise. Please feel free to join in.


Bonnie’s Intuitive Poetry and exercise
A months trial will be experimented with and then see how it goes for everyone.
This group is for all, not just the intuitive, per se… We are all intuitive to some degree. We count on it to live safely, day by day, whether you know this or not. Some people depend on intuition more than others.

Especially if they have lost 1 of the 5 senses. The blind, the deaf, those who no longer feel must compensate for their loss. They learn to depend on their inner voice or consciousness for added protection. Those who have lost feeling must be careful not to burn themselves. So, they now look for clues that water is too hot to bath in. A blind person’s hearing maybe keen like a dog’s. Deaf people will see things better and if their eyesight is poor, the intuition compensates to trusting the gut instinct.
We communicate with our animals. Can we communicate with plants? My son seems to have this ability. Plants thrive under his care. He instinctively knows their needs.
This exercise is learning or becoming aware of your 6th sense and then using it to write.

This is an example of Edgar Allen Poe’s: The Raven 

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, 

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— 

    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, 

As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. 

“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— 

            Only this and nothing more.” 

What was he, Poe, sensing? What does he know? Is he just paranoid? Or does he know something?

What about when you dream? Have you ever had a dream that came true or told you something that your ego or soul was unaware? Have you ever walked into to a church/temple and felt something spiritual that you could swear was God or a message from beyond? Have you ever experienced premonitions?

To begin writing Intuitive Poetry, a quiet place must be achieved. You will use either walking down steps one by one before you begin to clear your mind of the noise and chatter of every day noise. It is important to begin to learn how to do this. Why? Why do we clear the mind? The best answer is, one can write when they feel depressed, yes, but did you know depression is living in the past? So, in intuitive poetry, we want to be in the present. If one has anxiety, then they live in the future. They worry about all the “what if’s.” So, intuitive poetry needs to be in the now. It can tell the future, and it can draw on old sad emotions of depression, but it is what you sense now.

There are numerous meditation videos on YouTube and other places. If you do not understand this exercise, then explore the internet. Some of you will use meditations from your belief systems and that is fine…
Remember we all are at different places in our understanding of finding peace. Once we find a peace, or partial peace then we will write our poems.

Here are some links and I must admit, I’ve not listened to any of them, but there are several places. I personally have a collection of purchased meditations from The Monroe Institute that I use and they are costly and work just about the same as free online meditations.

This is a Christian meditation for those of you who are leery or wary of meditation

If you find a mediation video that will help with writing, please share with all of us in this thread.

We are going to concentrate on one poem and possibly two. However, you may write as many as you like. But, we will narrow it down to your best one or two. Each week, we will go back to that poem or poems and seek to make it better and better. Each week we will collectively examine our work and each others to see where we are, where we were and where the possibilities take us each week.

On Monday, I will write the exercise in relaxation which is basic, but since you will not hear my voice, then you will be asked to close your eyes after becoming familiar with reading the exercise of going down, down, down the stairs. The desending on the steps is an exercise in quieting the mind and going down down down until we reach a restful place. This is not hypnosis, but is restful. At anytime, you can bring yourself up, up, up and ascend to the now.

When we go down the stairs, we will descend only 10 steps the first week and then each week take it down adding 5 more steps.

The first week you will imagine yourself to be lacking in auditory or hearing abilities so your world will be ~ deaf, soundless. You may choose blindness if you so like. And, intuitively will sense the world surrounding you. How do you know your new world? How do you understand knowing where to move, or knowing someone is in your home unexpected, or perhaps a fire, or whatever you imagine.

So, until Monday, this is an idea of what will be served to you…
I ask that in this group we talk and support each other in a positive manner.
Lastly, this is an exercise in poetry. Saying this we understand that poetry is emotional and is an excellent avenue of expression. However, it is not a substitute for mental health care or a doctor. Going “deep” could cause someone to cry, or laugh or feel something unexperienced. So always seek help if needed.

Pic from Google Free images Stock Wall Photos



Good Day or evening. Thank you for your interest in writing intuitively. I hope to have some of you join into the fun.

And, now, here it is…The exercise.

Intuitive abilities are not as difficult as some of you might be thinking. Intuition is an everyday process. Some people are very aware or this phenomena and others are not. Writers are intuitive.

This exercise is meant to strengthen the intuitive process that is within you.
I put a door on the post. On the first exercise, this red door, will be used in the imagery of the relaxation process. When you arrive at the threshold, after descending the stairway, you will be asked to stand at the door. Before reaching for the doorknob and opening it, I want you to see, in your imagination and think about what is behind that door. Is it beautiful? Is it ominous? is it magical? You are the creator of the scenes to be played out behind the door of your poem.

You may write any style of poem you choose. Please, keep it under 20 lines. You may write more than one, but we will narrow it down to 1 or 2…

Shall we begin the process?

Please, get comfortable. Loosen your clothing, or place a cozy blanket over you. You maybe on a bed or a couch or the floor. It doesn’t matter, just relax.

Close your eyes after you’ve read this lesson, and understand the descending process of the stairs. You will need to practice if you’ve never participated in relaxation before.
Acknowledge your angels or your escort and ask them to help you descend to a relaxed comfortable place. Ask them to help you clear your mind. Ask them to remove any fears that you might be experiencing.

Cover yourself in love by breathing in love and breathing out anything harmful or negative to you, according to your belief system.

Speak to yourself and tell all bad thoughts to leave. Tell all anxiety to go. Tell all depression to leave. Continue to breath in goodness and kindness.
In your mind stand on the top of the staircase. Take a wonderful nice breath. Be thankful. Just say, “I’m thankful.”

Step number 10. We are now starting a decline going down 10 steps. You are standing on the platform. You could be holding an angel’s hands, or your guides. Take a breath before going down. Be thankful.
Your eyes are closed now.

You are very comfortable with your surroundings.

You are ready to step down one step to step 9.

You now, take a step.

Rest and breath again. All is good and pleasant. Be thankful.
Step 9.

Now step to number 8. You are going down. Going down into restfulness. Going down to peace. You are thankful. Always take a cleansing breath and pause at each step.

Step number 7. You are becoming very relaxed and thrilled to find an inner voice so waiting to speak to you. It can speak with you when your spirit is quiet. You are getting quieter. You are truly, thankful.

Step 6. The chattering voices of life are silencing. Though you might hear them in the distance, they are becoming vague and irrelevant to your present awareness. Be so ever thankful.

Step 5. You are now halfway there. Halfway quiet. Halfway calm. Very thankful.

Step 4. Taking a cleansing breath and say goodbye to any voices of accusations, voices of fears that have accused you, voices of distant shames or anxieties. You are freeing yourself from any condemnations of this world. Ever so thankful

Step 3. You are almost at the bottom. Take a cleansing breath. The place you’ve been longing for. Perhaps you hear a spring of fresh water. Perhaps you hear now better than you ever have before. Almost joyous and thankful. All is well.

Step 2.

Because you are almost deaf to the world, the voices no longer accuse you. You are free from any depression or anxiety. You are free now to really hear. You are going to now hear with a sense of wonder and awe. Oh, so thankful, utter heavenly. Breath again. So fresh and thankful.

Step 1.

You are now at the bottom of the stairs. You are free. You are at peace. Your are ready. Breath in the newness of air and magic. it is now your story, your poem. You are birthing your creation. Thankful.

In front of you, there is a red door. Examine your feelings. Examine your thoughts or anticipations and of what is behind that door. Begin to sense your awareness. What does your intuitive being speak to you? Remember you no longer able to hear as you did before. Your hear using your senses. Your hear by an inner voice of comfort and love that will escort you through that door.

Step to the door. Take a breath.

Reach towards the doorknob. Begin to turn it. When you pass through the door, at your time and your pace, begin to know beyond a shadow of doubt the story behind the door. Begin to use your senses of sight, feeling, listening to the internal voice. Do not use your ears. Taste if you should want to, and smell the air. What does the atmosphere say to you? what are your feeling. There are no human voices to speak to you. There is no noise. It is silent of the cat’s meow. it is silent of TV’s, cellphones, but it is full of ~ (you will experience this).

When you are ready, pass through the door’s threshold. Observe the world that you now see. What do you see? What do you know to be truth? Are there clues there such as an old picture? Is there anything that grabs a memory or resonates with the future?
Experience this new world that you created. While you are visiting this new place, become inspired by the sights, the temperature, the colors, and remember you don’t hear any longer like a human with flesh. Your hearing is heightened by a “knowing” that leads you. It is a knowing that has always been there for all mankind. The knowing will lead you upon your ascension to write your poem. Stay awhile and look around. Explore the new world.
Once you have finished experiencing, learning and understanding of your new place, you will ascend the stairs one step at a time. You will take with you, a new idea or thought or ideals to write about. you will know when you write your poem what you want to say. It will be from a new perspective, and something new grew inside you. Like a seed, each step is new and enlightening. Each step is a journey in learning about God, life, spiritual awareness, goodness, nature, love, acceptance, forgiveness and a tolerance of any self blame. One step at a time.

Now, if ready, let’s go one step at a time upward. Some will want to run up the flight of stairs. Go ahead. Take off. Fly up the stairs to level 1, or walk solemnly taking in each idea, each new thought.

Step 10 and up you go

Step 9

Step 8

Step 7

Step 6

Step 5

Step 4

Step 3

Step 2

and lastly, step 1

You are now ready to once again look at the red door and write your poem or poems…
Put enjoyable music on and try your best to remain in a stressless environment to write… Make notes about what you experienced. each time will progressively expand.
This exercise can be completed by you quickly and anywhere you have a moment to shut your eyes and take your hearing away from all of the chatter of this world…

Happy writing poets…

Lovely music for writers at this link

Lastly and as a reminder, this is an exercise in poetry. Saying this we understand that poetry is emotional and is an excellent avenue of expression. However, it is not a substitute for mental health care or a doctor if needed. Going “deep” could cause someone to cry, or laugh or feel something unexperienced. So always seek help when needed.

Next week, we will begin with the relaxation. Our focus will be on taking the poetry created this week and making it better. We will use a Thesaurus and our memories to make our writing stronger. This is the reason to take notes. The notes will spark your memories. We will be finding new words that have expanded your meditations..



So I add on my poem… Next week we will concentrate on editing our poems.

This is mine and needs lots of editing and work…

Picture the Red door image at the top of this post.

Warily, I stand, watching the red door

Wanting to enter into that world, to explore
The fan in the window, bothers my psyche
A trap, of some sort, entering ~ I’ll see ~
I knock first.
Only vibrations on the wood
It opens by itself, there where, I stood
Behind the threshold, butterflies flit
There are happy flowers and mushrooms that sit
A cottage of stone amidst passionate flowers
A maiden watering, and a bean pole, that towers
Turning to me, they wave, COME IN!
So, cautiously, I enter, being led by a wren
And there we sit, having tea
No talking, but smiles, in this world of me
Having to go, we bid farewell
I ascending sadly, up to the stairwell, I go…
©2106 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved



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