Intuitive Poetry Writing exercises day 2. See day 1 for instructions 

Good Morning or evening.

This is Intuitive Poetry Writing exercise day 2. See day 1 for instructions dated 6/20/16. Also, to participate in this exercise yo will need to be on FB and sign into a poetry group hosted by Alan Boles called A Poet’s Haven.


The link to Day 1 with relaxation techniques suggested.


Doors are interesting, do you agree? For example, doors open or close and their functions and their form and colors represent something to our psyches. They symbolize something. Colors also symbolize our vibrational levels.



On Monday morning, we started Intuitive Poetry Writing by using a red door. Red, as you probably know, is hot, fiery, passionate, can be murderous as often depicted in horror movies. It is also passionate.



Yesterday afternoon, Alan posted a turquoise door. This color is calm. It is the lowest color on the vibrational wheel. My car is turquoise, my home inside is turquoise. Why? Because it’s calming.



Today, Tuesday,  I’m using a forest door in amber.



In this exercise please refer back to my post on A Poets Haven about midnight Monday morning CST to read the examples and the lesson facilitation. It’s rather lengthy, but it includes a relaxation and instructions on writing intuitively. it is on WordPress dated yesterday. At the bottom of this page, there should be an arrow, one way or the other, taking you to the post.



Thanks for participating.



You may send a personal message if you need to for clarification. I will be tied up hauling dirt ( lol ) today and will get back to you.


Have a great adventure.


For you are the makers of your dreams. Without visions and dreams, Gods people parish.


In order to participate you will need to join A Poet’s Haven hosted by Alan Boles on FB. There’s no charge It is free on FB…



Happy Writing 



My poem submission:


Down the stairs, so I went
Reluctant of the walk of descent
A of long hall of trees, proceeding to pass
In the distance a door of light amber sat
Walking seemed like forever to me
The amber door grew in the distance, I see
Quiet were the sounds from the forest
I observed a hare eating the wild tarots
Red birds flew from limb to limb
Snowflakes glimmered, this I noticed
Taking time to see their formation
Because that door was so far away
For this reason, I proceeded
Taking advantage of winter’s magic
Until I stand exhausted, at that door
I will enjoy the forest treetops and it’s floors
And, all the wonder of loneliness, along my way
I ask God to continually lead my day


©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved



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