Do You Believe The News


Your Watchman


Do you believe the news, any news?

Do you think they tell the truth?

What do you think, it’s edited?

Who sits in the big room?


What about these presidential candidates,

Do you breath in their convoluted bantering?

Do you think perhaps there’s more?

Please, look behind the pandering


The swarms of little fish flurry wildly

All uttering fish talk at once

But, trust me there is a whale

Lingering stealthy behind their chants


And, I don’t believe their chatter

I don’t believe their slants

I’m searching for the whale

That’s hiding behind their rants




©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved


The Seekers
Knowledge ~ Perhaps it is the tree of evil. What if man chose naiveté instead of watching and seeking? Perhaps, both virtues are deadly.




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