Intuitive Poetry Exercise Day 3

This is actually picture or image 4…  You will find this exercise posted on A Poet’s Haven on FB hosted by Alan Boles. It is free to join.



Please visit Intuitive Poetry by Bonnie for instructions on how to write intuitive poetry.

You will find it by going to the archives June 2016 and it will be there and posted a few days ago or you can scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the arrows toward the exercises.

Or the link: The easy way to the instructions…:-)


This is my example for today’s exercise… Keep in mind that during the exercises the writer is to imagine that the sense of hearing, or deafness is missing. This is intuition. You must write missing hearing, and use the 6th sense to create.


My poem for today:


Last night, while dreaming
Was walking on cobblestone
Hurting feet from being bare
I came upon this brown wood door
The faces within the wooden notches
They spoke so boldly and vividly, at me
The number 9 caught my attention
Pondering its essence, there twas a message
Taking a step back, off the dirty stones
Shuttering at the possibly thoughts unknown
Numerically the symbol 9, began shinning
Tis an ominous sign to a begging mortal
Death or rebirth?
I muttered to myself
Perhaps, it won’t be so bad?
To a poor deaf girl, as I
Decidedly, choosing to pass
Through the heavy doors
Took a breath, perhaps my last
Turned the doorknob, and stood aghast
I proceeded to step inside.
©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved
(To be continued)
This image was borrowed from Free Stock Images on Google…  It is not mine and if I new the photographer would always give credit where it is due…  Thank you photographer or artist…



Thank you for reading and participation


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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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