Intuitive Poetry Writing exercises day 2. See day 1 for instructions


Intuitive Poetry On The Poet’s Haven in FB, hosted by Alan Boles. by Bonnie Jennings.
Please join us as we continue to learn different forms of Poetry. It is free to join and participate.


Please remember, when writing your poetry, imagine that you are deaf. Allow your intuition to compensate.


Please visit my link here for instructions and facilitation of the exercise.



My poem for the second image:

Oh, so quivering from absolute delight
Here I stand at a turquoise entry sight (or site, remember I’m deaf, so I see)
So quickly opening the doors threshold
Expecting the best and being so bold
I hear no sounds, and no one is there
I look around for clues, all things are rare
Libraries of books, and ancient globes
Lights of candles, And smoke from a stove
Food on the table, and a table set for one
I guess, I’m alone, saddened there are none
But me, behind the turquoise door.
©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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