Intuitive poetry Lesson, Thursday

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Good day or evening everyone…


There were 3 images loaded onto A Poets Haven on FB hosted by Alan Boles, last night. The three images are being used to write intuitively. That is, writing this weeks poems, as if, you are deaf, and your intuitive sense must compensate. On Monday’s exercise also found on my blog “Day 1 of Writing Poetry Intuitively, I posted a relaxation method and a few YouTube relaxation videos for writers…

I will provide the link below.


From the link above, the other lessons can be followed by following the arrows at the bottom of each day or exercise…


This poem is my ideas on this image… Next week, we will work on all of our poems… Perfecting them by using a Thesaurus and dictionaries…


My poem:

Here I stand at the bottom of creepy stairs

A place, I’ve not known, nor cared

I must beware

Utter silence, to that door

The door that is open

I must explore

Not because, I want

But, it’s the dare

The dank moldy hall

With spiders galore

My shoes are covered

With dirt and spores                                                                                         

I go; despite bewares

My right hand grasps

The frame, the entrance

My heart is faint

The door is scary


Part 2.

Entering The Room

And ~ so here I go

Anxious, and dreading

What is behind

And, I’m not hearing

Feeling my way

Using my heart

Stirring emotions

Right from the start

But, nevertheless

I proceed

My heart pounding

Shaking knees

The door ~

I slowly open

Wobbling on a hinge

I stepping forward

With eyes closed

My head moves 

Around the frame

And to my surprise

It was nothing; I feared

But an old woman

Sitting under her clock

Rocking gently 

Amber lights

Up; she looked

At my face

She smiled 

“Come in.”

So, I entered

Not the same

Her warm smile

Welcomed, me in


©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved


Hey thanks for joining us… Have a great week..


That you Alan Boles for allowing me to facilities this class…



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