Fridays Exercise on Intuitive Poetry Writing.

Image found on Pinterest. Truly would love to name the artist. They deserve the recognition…

Fridays Exercise on Intuitive Poetry Writing.

Today, for The Intuitive Poetry Writing lesson, we will use this door…  The exercises are written on a FB page for poets. I wish that i cold link my WP page to my FB pages.


The FB page is hosted by Alan Boles. It is called A Poet’s Haven.


While writing the poem, please use your 6th sense, remember you are deaf, as you come to the door. You perceive the world differently now. The 6th sense compensates for your hearing loss… You now feel, see and explore the world much differently.

You may refer back to lesson 1 for the relaxation exercise…
The link is on WordPress, plus the other lessons if you want to join into the group.



Thank you all, it’s been a great week one..

Next week we will begin our corrections and also use new avenues to our intuitive world..



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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