The Intuitive Poetry Exercise Week 2


Revising our poetry


Manifesting Sophia is the poem, I will revise, for The Intuitive Poetry Group found on FB at A Poet’s Haven.

My poem was written in 2014 and is called “Manifesting Sophia.” It is a Gnostic Christian poem… It is about manifestation and The Holy Sophia’s movements. She comes through our petitions and in this poem I am summoning her as I’m in need of her presence.


Manifesting Sophia 2016 Revision

Anchored to the sands of The River of Babylon, I implored 

There on the river banks, she whispered her name, Sophia 

“Summon her. She will breathe.”

In your loneliness, when you cry, hear.

In solitude, listen, sense Sophia, you will know her.

Tinkling of fresh spring waters speaks of her

In the golden of butterfly wings her glory is witnessed 

Her voice is an aria of vibrational beautiful moments 

She will arise in your beliefs 

Believe child. 

She visits not the naysayers 

She can not sojourn the dead. 

The lifeless carry no spirit 

A child shall observe her silhouette. 

A waif has hopes.

The sparks of fidelity are Sophia’s ignition.

Speak, Sophia will sing

Laugh, she came because you asked 



©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


Manifesting Sophia 2014 
Standing next to The Rivers of Babylon we prayed.
I told you to whisper, Sophia, and there on the banks edge,
She will breathe.
In your loneliness, you will cry,
In solitude, you shall find her.
Standing, by the fresh spring waters,
Her voice, will arise new,
Believe, child.
Unless you know, she won’t come.
She cannot sojourn the dead,
Not, without your certain, hope.
Only, in the voice filled with life,
Shall she manifest.
The lifeless carry no spirit.
The initiator needs the spark.
Speak, and Sophia will sing.
Listen, and her song, you will hear.
Smile when you know.
She came because you asked. 

©2014 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


Link on FB: The Poet’s Haven

The link on WordPress is:…/day/

I’ve entered it in contest and I had thought that my poem was deep and smoothly enjoyable.

I found out that the majority of people didn’t understand the poem and were way away from the meaning and content.

Sophia is a shared meaning for The Holy Spirit and is also thought of as Wisdom of God… She is feminine and all-knowing. She moves like the wind and is silent…

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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