Summer Poems 2016




Feelings overwhelm my spirit knows that i belong

To sacred sisters dancing under moons lit nights

Holding hands, chanting, worshiping God’s lights

I am a daughter of the spirit who sets captives free

And for this reason, within me, is a hallowed song

This place is my home. From she, i arrived to see

Stone Henge lend its magic, for this, I came to be

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved


My Fire Drake


Ancient days and nights governed by RA

Galgaliel, Angel of The Sun, who watched

Evolving revolutions and speculations

Walking on sand and baring hot rays

Working under whips, the salivating slaves

Who is man, that you are mindful of him?

True are you? And man, the sin? Hush!

Whisper not of such things! Blaspheme!

To think outside the box. Wrong, to search

Fear that binds. Threats of death. Hell.

Not to know, to think, to believe, to see

Walk blindly, don’t touch. don’t meander

Questions forbade. Intelligence criminal

Believing as a baby, but don’t reach ~

Watching is old Galgaliel,

The Angel of The Sun..

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved



I like to play a game with my 5 year old grandson, Jacob, and it’s called:

Once Upon A Time.

Me: Once upon a time there was born a super hero who’s name is ?

Jacob: Bladidadadalala

Me: And where is Bladidadalala from?

Jacob: Bladidadalala is from Worshha.

Me: Oh so, how old is Bladidadalal, who live in Worsha?

Jacob: He’s old like you. He’s almost 100….

That is as far as we created…



Jo Jo who returned to Heaven July 20, 2015

The Glory of One Moment

I hold a ruby in my hand

Placing it nearest my heart

Encapsulated in the prism reds

A flashing moment of you zapped

Your energy penetrated my innards

When gone, I place you near my bed

K ©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved



Sing a song enticing the strong

Making a heart to cry

The flute playing like butterflies

Creating a summer’s day

And children follow a bright star

Finding a place they may

Believe like the wind

Or faint by the sun

Only souls destiny shall say






Perhaps, I was dreaming. It was lucid and surreal.
A dusty book, from on a shelf, opened there, I stood
As the pages flipped, on their own, a familiar story
Became alive. There sailing on a calm ocean, lost
Page after page, isolated, alone, not worried, but ~
Sailing, sailing sailing, alone. And, three hundred-fifty
Pages turned, amidst a voidness, I’d never known
The Moon, as always, stood full over the night
Never daylight, just passing by ~ page after page.
Then, from page number three-hundred fifty-one
A lighthouse cast a beam, on cliff high, ~ and hopeful
Stood staring, at the tower. “On the next page,” thus ~
I asked, “Are you calling, and leading me home?”
And, there I waited, hoping the page didn’t turn
But, perhaps, page three-hundred fifty-two will ~
Unite me with my kin and take me home







K ©2016 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

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